BLACKBOX Portable Power Quality Analyzer, 256 MB Storage Capacity

Elspec G3500 BLACKBOX Portable Power Quality Analyzer, 256 MB Storage Capacity

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Manufacturer Elspec


Description :

Built on the same innovative technology as the BLACKBOX fixed Power Quality Meter (PQA), the Elspec G3500 BLACKBOX Portable Digital Power Meter, with its continuous onboard waveform logging, is a proud addition to the distinguished BLACKBOX family of the most advanced power meters on the market. The G3500 BLACKBOX has the power to determine the root cause of all Power Quality (PQ) issues, so plug it in and never miss another event. The G3500 BLACKBOX Portable Digital Power Meter, coined POWER QUALITY (PQ) IN HIGH DEFINITION, logs and stores all information all the time allowing no gaps in data recording. This new generation G3500 has all of the most desired features of a Portable Power Quality Analyzer, but at a price that is designed to remain competitive in the Power Meter market.

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Technical Data :

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  • Power Quality in High Definition
  • No Missed Events
  • Quick and Simple Setup
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Plug and Play
  • Benefits

  • No Thresholds/ No Missed Events
  • Captures Everything: Cycle by Cycle RMS values, frequency, harmonics, and trends.
  • Sampling Rate: Voltage up to 512 Samples per cycle. Current up to 256 Samples per Cycle.
  • Rechargeable Power Supply: Built in battery with up to 2 hours of stand-by power
  • Plug and Play: Automatic set up with self-identifying probes.
  • Software Included: PQSCADA and Investigator Power Analysis software with automatic EN50160 and customized report generation.
  • Full Compliance with IEC6100-4-30 Class A