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With shrinking design schedules and increasing quality goals, you are under pressure to get products to market faster and faster. Because differentiation means survival in the marketplace, you often have to test unique functionality. To be confident in your results you need highly adaptable and efficient testing. We offer a new generation of test instruments that provide crucial benefits to meet these challenges of today’s market.

  • Accuracy - to test your device and not your analyser
  • Versatility - to be ready for today’s and tomorrow’s test challenges
  • Plug and play solutions, with minimal cabling, low space overhead, and have many functions built-in

Our analyser offering includes an extensive selection of high-quality spectrum analysers, network analysers, EMC pre-compliance testing instruments, and TV and video test instruments.

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Test and Measurement - Analysers - Spectrum analysers

Spectrum and Signal Analysers

As market forces necessitate ‘cost down’ programs, compromising quality is not an option and reliability is paramount. Whether your application is consumer electronics R&D, manufacturing bench repair, RF-related education, or spectrum management projects, you need an affordable spectrum analyser that is equipped with essential functionality and the required performance.

We offer an extensive selection of signal analysers from DC to 27 GHz. With excellent total level accuracy, dynamic range, and performance, our portfolio of spectrum/signal analysers not only can capture wideband signals but FFT technology supports multifunction signal analysers in both the time and frequency domains. We also offer real-time spectrum analysers that are built on patented and innovative software-defined radio (SDR) technologies. This gives you more flexibility, greater coverage, increased functionality, and better ROI to see the full picture in applications such as spectrum monitoring, signal analysis and demodulation, and telecom planning and optimisation.

These solutions are coupled with real-time digitisation and digital signal processing, purpose-built networking capabilities, open APIs and development environments, and proven integrations with leading third-party software, we provide the best price-performance ratio on the market to monitor, detect, and analyse modern waveforms in challenging spectrum environments.

Test and Measurement - Analysers - Network-analysers

Network analysers

Vector network analysis (VNA) is one of the most essential RF and microwave measurement approaches. Within this technology, we offer a wide range of versatile performance network analysers that provide high accuracy, wide dynamic ranges, and up to a frequency range of 110 GHz. A vector network analyser is a perfect tool for analysing passive and active components such as filters, cables, antennas, amplifiers, mixers, and multiport modules.

Our portfolio of network analysers is designed for easy operation and enables portability, flexibility, automation, and modularity of your test equipment at a lower cost and easy maintenance. They feature great RF characteristics and a wide variety of analysis functions that help you evaluate important parameters immediately.

Calibrating network analysers is critical for high accuracy measurements. Our VNA’s supports all common calibration methods for coaxial DUTs, waveguide DUTs and DUTs in test fixtures, printed circuit boards (PCB), and wafers.  Therefore, we also offer a wide variety of mechanical and electronic calibration kits.

Test and Measurement - Analysers - EMC pre-compliance testing

EMC pre-compliance testing

Technology is rapidly evolving with many new electronic devices entering the marketplace. To ensure safe operation, and to guarantee quality and accuracy, pre-compliance testing is necessary to sell your device. Pre-compliance testing allows you to cost-effectively reduce your time to market and certifies your product passes final compliance testing.

For EMC pre-compliance testing, we offer a range of test kits that provide CISPR compliant resolution bandwidth filters and a quasi-peak detector. Whether you need to perform a radiated or conducted emission test, we have the right tool for you.

Test and Measurement - Analysers Tv and video

Audio, TV and Video analysers

If you are looking for a specialist in hardware and software test tools for testing USB-C, DisplayPort, and HDMI interfaces, together with our partner Unigraf, we offer a range of high-quality solutions.

Our TV and video test instruments are used by world-leading electronics manufacturers to test smartphones, laptops, tablets, monitors, and more in the R&D development phase as well as in production line testing. Our compliance test tools can be used to verify that products are designed and work according to standards set by Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) and Digital Content Protection LLC (DCP).

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