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Time and frequency instruments

Working with leading strategic partners for time and frequency instruments enables us to bring you access to a high-quality, specialist range of industry-leading solutions for the calibration, measurement, and analysis of time and frequency. Our wide portfolio of test and measurement instruments are dedicated to a wide range of frequency measurements or applications, covering:

  • Frequency standards – these are stable oscillators used for calibration or reference and provide high accuracy for applications such as telecoms, laboratories, and automated test systems
  • Frequency counters - intelligent counters for measuring the number of cycles of oscillation, or pulses per second in a periodic electronic signal. Characterised by ultra-high-speed and resolution, bringing you a range of high-performance measurement systems
  • Distribution amplifiers - converting a weak electrical signal into an output signal strong enough to be noise-tolerant for further processing. These are able to bring you a solution to problems of low-jitter transfer over a longer distance

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Test Measurement  - Time and Frequency products - frequency standards

Frequency standards

Frequency standards generate a fundamental frequency with a high degree of accuracy and precision. They provide exceptionally low phase noise as well as a low jitter output. The low cost together with its extremely low aging will allow you to deploy precision frequency references throughout a facility without the need to install cables or antennas.

Frequency standards are ideal instruments for calibration and R&D laboratories, or any application requiring a precision frequency standard. We have the expertise to help recommend the ideal frequency standard for your applications.

Test and Measurement - Time and Frequency products - frequency-counters

Frequency counters

Frequency counters are test instruments used to provide very accurate measurements of the frequency of a signal. They are depended on in R&D and in manufacturing for the fastest, most accurate frequency and time interval measurements. The measurement functions include frequency, period time, pulse width, duty cycle, frequency ratio, RPM, phase A/B, time interval A/B, event count and may have an external clock input for maximum stability and accuracy. They all offer an intuitive user interface with a large colour graphical display.

The frequency counter products we provide serve all your frequency and time interval measurement needs and bring you the speed, resolution, and accuracy required.

Test and Measurement - Time and Frequency products - Distribution amplifiers

Distribution amplifiers

Distribution amplifiers are used to create copies of an input signal to several BNC outputs. There are many application areas, and each requires different amplifier characteristics. In each application, the amplifier is selected to preserve, improve (or minimally degrade) the input signal’s bandwidth, amplitude, pulse shape, phase noise, and jitter characteristics.

Whether you have an application for distributing a low noise 10 MHz frequency signal, CMOS level logic pulses, broadband (DC to 100 MHz) analog signals over 50/75 Ω coax cables, or providing a 10 MHz signal at locations as far as a mile from the source, we have the right distribution amplifiers available. They come in two chassis form factors: half-width or full-width 19 inch, 1U height.

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