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As a leader in advanced solutions for tomorrow´s technologies, our primary goal is to enable innovators to turn ideas and designs into exceptional products.

Acal BFi Technology Centres

Where innovation meets expertise.

Underpinned by a consultative, design-oriented approach, our dedicated team of 150+ field engineers and cutting-edge technology centres are at your disposal to create tailor-made solutions for even the most intricate projects.

From a standard component to a full customised solution

We’re a leader in advanced solutions for tomorrow’s technologies

With a mission to empower innovators of electronic applications to turn ideas and designs into exceptional products.

If you’re in search of a trusted technology solutions partner, your search ends here. Our extensive knowledge, cutting-edge portfolio, and worldwide capabilities are at your service to bring the future into reality.

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Technical development for key markets

We develop high-quality solutions for your markets

Communications & connectivity

Nowadays, the expectation for immediate access, anywhere, anytime has become the norm.

Whether you’re dealing with telecoms challenges, looking for the best networking solutions, exploring unified communications, or diving into datacoms & broadcast technologies, our team are ready to guide you.


From cutting-edge wearable tech and smart home devices to advanced entertainment systems and smart white goods, this market offers a wealth of opportunities to create products that enhance everyday life.

Explore the tools, trends, and insights that empower engineers to design and develop the next generation of consumer electronics, ensuring a smarter, more connected future.


The environmental market encompasses a broad spectrum of industries and initiatives aimed at mitigating environmental impact, conserving resources, and promoting sustainability.

From sensors and monitoring devices to advanced control and renewable energy systems, electronic engineering is instrumental in designing and developing cutting-edge technologies that facilitate environmental monitoring, resource management, renewable energy generation, and pollution control.

Industrial & manufacturing

A market where the terrain is marked by rapid advancements and disruptive technologies, where staying ahead of the curve isn’t just a challenge; it’s an imperative.

We are an end-to-end partner, dedicated to shaping solutions in the dynamic industrial market. We offer a range of products, solutions, expertise, and technology centres to empower you throughout your projects.


This market presents a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape for electronic engineers. Innovative solutions are enhancing patient care and safety, improving diagnosis, treatment plans, and remote monitoring through real time data analytics.

Working with an experienced partner with the right capabilities makes all the difference in getting designs to market


In a world where threats evolve as rapidly as technology, the role of electronic engineers has never been more critical.

This dynamic market encompasses a broad spectrum of domains, including home security, industrial and commercial security, cyber security, surveillance, early warning and detection systems, as well as smart security and IoT solutions.

Space & defence

The space and defence industry demands cutting-edge solutions in order to meet the complex challenges of harsh environments, safety and security.

As this industry evolves, electronic engineers need to be at the forefront of innovation, driving advancements in communications, navigation, propulsion, and defence systems to ensure superior performance and safety in the skies and beyond.


Transforming transportation and mobility systems means developing solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and connectivity across various modes of transport. This demands a partner who can rapidly support your needs for seamless, sustainable, accessible and affordable solutions.

As transportation continues to evolve, new designs are tasked with pushing the boundaries of innovation to create smarter, more sustainable, and interconnected systems.

Our Technology Centres blend industry experts and state-of-the-art facilities

Where innovation meets expertise. Solving the technical challenges of tomorrow

We understand that integrating multiple technologies into one application can sometimes be a challenge.

Underpinned by a consultative, design-oriented approach, our dedicated team of 150+ field engineers and cutting-edge Technology Centres are at your disposal to create tailor-made solutions for even the most intricate projects.

Our Technology Centres


With more than 15 years of experience in sales, installation, and service of BioPhotonics systems, we can offer products and solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

The wide range of BioPhotonics cameras, lasers, LED light sources, spectrometers, optical components, microscope systems, microscope accessories, and associated software enables us to assemble almost any photonics or imaging solution.

Embedded Computing

The Embedded Computing Technology Centre drives advanced solutions, so you can deliver the technologies of tomorrow – today.

Design customer driven systems, build prototypes and manufacture products to meet your distinct needs. Many of the platform-based technologies that we offer were designed with customisation in mind.

Our capabilities help us to offer solutions across all stages of your project. Whether your requirements are standard, modified or highly customised, our experts support and identify your aims and work to ensure that we provide a solution that fits.

Fibre Optics

The Fibre Optics Technology Centre allows our engineers to develop fibre optic solutions to meet changing demands in a high-speed world.

With over 25 years of experience in fibre optics and application engineering for hardware and components, we help to analyse and qualify to improve the stability and functionality of your transceivers. Supporting our engineers with expertise and state of the art technology, the Fibre Optics Technology Centre houses a number of our specialist capabilities.

Infrared Imaging

Our specialist infrared team are available to support your development process from design to build by ensuring you have everything you need, when you need it.

The approach to any infrared imaging project begins by listening intently to ensure that we fully understand your specific requirements. It’s only then that we can advise you on the best suited infrared technology – from cores and lenses to detectors, blackbodies, and processing boards – and help you plan the design, manufacture, and test process.

Interconnect and Cable Assembly

The capabilities and expertise housed within the Interconnect and Cable Assembly Technology Centre ensure that our team can support you every step of the way.

Providing and customising bespoke specialist fibre and cables including hybrids with custom connectors, the Technology Centre is on hand to support with design, assembly, testing and approvals for your customised solutions.

IoT and wireless

The IoT and Wireless Technology Centre has the ability to support complex discrete component design-in from a bespoke System on Chip (SoC), right through to fully integrated modules that are certified and application ready.

Creating custom solutions that add connectivity to an application requires specialist expertise and capabilities. Our team of wireless technology hardware design and software application engineers cover RF, wireless, cellular and many more state-of-the-art technologies. Together they have extensive individual and collective experience of developing customised solutions, ensuring we can bring your concept to life.

Magnetic Products

The Magnetic Products Technology Centre is at the forefront of our solution led approach for applications that require customised cores and components, driving our commitment to developing an enhanced technological future together.

Over the last 25 years, we have grown our expertise in the design-led customisation of magnetic components. With the largest team of technical support specialists, the Magnetic Products Technology Centre is at the forefront of magnetic based technological advancements. Our team design and manufacture magnetic components including transformers, inductors, and even cores to meet the technical and commercial aspects of your project, whether you are in design or production.

Power Supply

The extensive breadth of experience held by our in-house design industrial power engineers ensures that we have the expertise to develop customised industrial power supply solutions, ranging from 1W to 25kW for a wide range of applications.

Whether you’re looking to modify or configure a standard power product, integrate it into a custom design, design and modify a rack, chassis, PCB, or require a full custom-designed power solution, our Power Supply Technology Centre can support you with the design, assembly, testing and integration of a tailored industrial power solution to meet your specific application’s requirements.

Our carefully selected partners offer you the best solutions

We partner with leading and innovative manufacturers to offer a broad spectrum of the latest technologies, spanning interconnect, sensors, communications, photonics, imaging, magnetic components, power supplies, and embedded computing.

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