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Scientific instrumentation for accurate measurement, analysis, and testing within electronic applications such as academic, medical, and industrial environments and many diverse fields of research. All instruments combine ease of use and flexibility. The lock-in amplifiers recover nanovolt signals from noisy backgrounds. The atomic clocks have 1 x 10-11 frequency accuracy. The mass spectrometers measure residual vacuums down to 10-14 Torr. The RF signal generators, digital delay generators, and clock synthesisers provide very accurate, precise, and stable frequency and timing signals available.

We cover an extensive range of equipment from top-tier manufacturers to bring you a choice of the most reliable products including delay generators, gas analysers, laser diodes, gated Integrators, amplifiers, power supplies, as well as specialist equipment for testing.

We have a consultative approach, and our in-house technical experts can help advise you on the ideal equipment to suit your application and get the most from your equipment. On the rare occasion your instrument requires servicing, we are also able to assist by providing dedicated technical service and support and calibration.

Our technologies

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Digital delay generators

Digital delay generators

Our versatile digital delay/pulse generators provide precisely defined pulses at repetition rates up to 10 MHz.

All digital delay generators measure time intervals by counting cycles of a fast clock (typically 100 MHz). Most digital delay generators also have short programmable analog delays to achieve time intervals with finer resolution than the clock period.

Gas Analysis Instruments

Gas analysis-analytical instruments

We offer a wide range of gas analytical products like residual gas analysers and closed ion source analysers.

Residual gas analysers (RGA) are small and usually rugged mass spectrometers, typically designed for process control and contamination monitoring in vacuum systems. Utilising quadrupole technology, there exist two implementations, utilising either an open ion source (OIS) or a closed ion source (CIS). RGAs may be found in high vacuum applications such as research chambers, surface science setups, accelerators, scanning microscopes, etc. RGAs are used in most cases to monitor the quality of the vacuum and easily detect minute traces of impurities in the low-pressure gas environment.

RGA’s can perform both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the gases in a vacuum system. Obtaining spectra with the SRS RGA is very simple. They provide detailed gas analysis of vacuum systems at about half the price of competitive models. The CIS systems will satisfy your most demanding applications with a better than 1 ppm detection limit, direct sampling at mTorr pressure, and a user-friendly Windows software package.

Gated integrators

Gated integrators

A gated integrator (also called a boxcar integrator or averager) integrates an analytical signal over a fixed time window. In pulsed experiments, the integrator gate is synchronised with the analytical signal by a trigger.

Using our gated integrators gives you the reliability and accuracy you need when acquiring and analysing fast signals.

Laser diode controllers

Laser diode controllers

These highly stable, low-noise current sources, with integrated temperature controllers, are the ideal instruments for controlling the current and temperature of your laser diodes.  Bringing you performance and high-quality features at affordable prices.

Lock-in amplifiers

Lock-in amplifiers

The lock-in amplifiers in our portfolio provide high performance at a reasonable cost. They are used to detect and measure very small AC signals all the way down to a few nanovolts. Accurate measurements may be performed even when the small signal is obscured by noise sources many thousands of times larger.

Low-noise pre-amplifiers


The many different pre-amplifiers in our portfolio are well known for their reliability. Whether you need a lock-in voltage pre-amplifier, a low noise current pre-amplifier, or a low noise voltage pre-amplifier or transformer amplifier, for pre-amplifiers you are here on the right spot.

Pre-amplifiers are ideal for a wide variety of applications including photonic measurements, low-temperature measurements, optical detection, and audio engineering.

Optical shutter systems

Optical shutter systems

The shutter systems in our portfolio are designed specifically to minimise vibration on your optical table. They are built around a unique shutter head, supported by one of two available controller models.

Photon counters

Photon counters

Dual-channel gated photon counters offer a convenient, integrated approach to photon counting that avoids the complexity and expense of older counting systems. It is no longer necessary to mix and match amplifiers, discriminators, gate generators, and counters.

Small instrumentation modules

Small instrumentation modules

Small instrumentation modules (SIM) are a compact test and measurement platform for a wide range of applications. Unlike other modular systems, SIM offers complete front-panel as well as remote operation, allowing you to choose between manual and computer control. Up to eight instruments share the same mainframe which provides power, clock synchronisation, communications, and module status.

Special function test and measurement instruments

Special function test and measurement instruments

There are many scientific instruments for academic, medical, and industrial testing environments. Should you not have found them in the sections above, then check out this part for more products like Precision DC voltage sources, optical chopper, power supplies, and temperature controllers.

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