Honeywell AWM1000

Unamplified Airflow Sensors

Built on advanced microstructure technology, these sensors provide a sensitive and fast response to flow of air and gases.

Supplier: Honeywell

Technology type: Airflow Sensors

Unamplified sensors allow you to do your own amplification while retaining maximum resolution of the sensor's output signal.

These sensors provide outstanding performance in a cost-effective sensor platform with accurate, repeatable flow sensing.

All airflow sensors operate on heat transfer — flow and differential pressure. Silicon chip design is created from thin-film, thermally isolated bridge structure, containing both heater and temperature sensing elements.

This provides rapid response to the air or gas flow and amount and direction, delivering a proportional output voltage.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Advanced chip design, manufacturing techniques and microstructure technology
  • Enhanced response time and low power consumption
  • Variety of port styles provide greater application flexibility
  • Temperature compensated output
  • Stability, and repeatability
  • Wide range of mounting options
  • High accuracy

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer


Flow range


Temperature range


±200 SCCM, 1000 SCCM to -600 SCCM,

±5,0 mbar [2.0 inH20]


-25°C to 85°C [-13°F to 185°F]


±30 SCCM, ±200 SCCM, ±1000 SCCM,

±5,0 mbar [2.0 inH20]


-25°C to 85°C [-13°F to 185°F]


±25.0 SCCM, 1.0 SLPM, 6.0 SLPM


compensated: -25°C to 85°C [-13°F to 185°F]


±200 SCCM, ±5,0 mbar [2.0 inH20]


uncompensated: -25°C to 85°C [-13°F to 185°F]

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