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PCB and wire-to-board

These connector types are mounted to a printed circuit board (PCB) and provide exceptional performance in both low voltage and embedded applications. Your final application will determine the size, weight and power requirements used within a design. For interconnections between sub-assemblies in an enclosure or system there are various types of connector employed, enabling separation of individual system modules and components for ease of manufacturing, upgrades and repair.

We cover a broad portfolio of interconnects from leading suppliers, enabling us to provide a choice of specifications ranging from simple wire-to-board multipole connectors to PCB stacking mezzanine connector systems, sub miniature, high pin density, coaxial and high-power connector solutions all designed to meet the needs of your specific application.

We also have options to resist vibration and shock from environmental factors and provide stability under demanding conditions as well as highly sensitive applications or industrial production and manufacturing that require high reliability or resistance from static.

We also offer full cable assembly termination and custom solutions through our Interconnect and Cable Assembly Technology Centre

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Providing reliable, high-speed data transmission, Board-to-board (BTB) encompasses ‘mezzanine’ connectors often used in system packaging for the benefits of miniaturisation, manufacturing and upgradeability, and PCB-to-PCB connector backplane or expansion board connector systems.

Various product options are available to enable BTB functionality from simple header to receptacle solutions in through-hole or surface mount PCB termination, to high density, coded plugs, floating technology and receptacles in power, signal and high-speed types.

We can assist in the specification of suitable interconnection solutions at the PCB level and associated cable requirements including fully custom solutions.


Board-to-wire connectors

For terminations from PCB connectors to other system components a disconnect is often used to facilitate ease of manufacturing. There are an unprecedented number of PCB connector types; but the final selection is often guided by specific design criteria including available PCB real estate, number of ways, keying, locking and polarisation, through to termination type and electrical characteristics including voltage, power and frequency. In many instances a conventional box header style flex is appropriate but for more complex designs bespoke solutions may be required. We can discuss connector options and production of lead assemblies as required.


I-O Connectors

We have an extensive range of Input / Output (I/O) connector systems from leading suppliers, ranging from industry standard audio, video, power and data connectors to application specific and custom types.

Offering an extensive range of data connectors including;

  • HMDI
  • DVI
  • Display port
  • Jack audio
  • Power jack
  • Ethernet
  • USB A, B, C
  • Micro USB
  • XLR, mini XLR
  • D-Sub, Micro-D
  • Fibre coaxial : SMA, SMB, BNC, N, FAKRA
  • Hybrid multi-contact type variants,
  • Panel mounted circular and rectangular connector systems 
  • High power connectors for powerline systems and controllers.
  • Waterproof connectors
  • Custom connectors

We can integrate the panel mount connectors onto lead assemblies to streamline manufacturing and stockholding and can work with design engineers in discussing the most appropriate solution for the application.



Used within high density electronic systems where high flexibility is required, these ribbon cable options have a wide flat structure with a straight connector without any additional components. Flexible circuit interconnection systems offer many advantages over round cable systems where space, weight and cost are at a premium and often offer better EMI/RFI suppression as well as eliminating wire coupling issues.

Flexible flat cable (FFC) -These cables usually consist of a plastic film, to which multiple metallic connectors are bonded and the spacing between each connector is referred to as the ‘pitch’.

Flexible printed circuit (FPC) – These cables are easily customisable with the advantage of space and weight saving.

Highly reliable in high vibration, controlled impedance and dynamic flexing applications. We offer these in many different options including, single and double sided, multi-layer, rigid, unshielded and over moulded.


Our Interconnect and Cable Assembly Technology Centre ensures we're equipped to solve your cable and connector challenges with cutting-edge capabilities and specialist knowledge.

Interconnect Technology Centre

When you’re looking for the integration of standard copper, fibre, power or specialist hybrid cables with custom connectors, our facility is on hand to support you with the design, assembly and approvals for your customised solutions.

Deliver the best interconnection systems for your application, whether your requirements are high or low volume, a brand-new need or modifying an existing product, we can support you.

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When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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