Infrared imaging

Infrared imaging

See the unseen. Our cutting-edge infrared imaging detectors and infrared imaging cameras excel in all four infrared bands, NIR (Near Infrared) 0.75μm – 1μm, SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared) 1μm – 2.7μm, MWIR (Mid-Wave Infrared) 3μm - 5μm, and LWIR (Long-Wave Infrared) 8μm - 14μm. Whether you are an OEM looking to develop an infrared thermal imaging camera, an integrator looking to protect an asset, or a scientist investigating the thermal dissipation of a complex system, we are a global solutions provider well positioned to help deliver you best suited infrared thermal imaging technology along with development and manufacture support.

Electromagnetic radiation cannot be seen by the naked eye due to it having much longer wavelengths than visible light. To measure the temperature of an object, an infrared imaging camera is required. Very hot objects such as hot furnaces emit a lot of energy radiation in shorter wavelengths and therefore would require a Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) camera. Inversely, a cold object will emit most of its energy in longer wavelengths, so a radiometric camera in the Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) band is suited to this requirement.

Outdoor applications such as security surveillance benefit from the use of thermographic cameras due to thermal video not being affected by light conditions, making the use of these cameras very effective when using video analytics software. These thermal infrared cameras are also ideal for monitoring the temperature of critical equipment as they can provide predictive maintenance. The result of keeping an asset safe or avoiding equipment breakdown is significant ROI.

Our technical experts and Infrared Imaging Technology Centre can provide you with end-to-end project support from the initial design phase through production, along with the best-infrared imaging cameras available consisting of infrared automation cameras, infrared R&D cameras, infrared thermal cores and lenses, pan and tilt units, infrared security cameras, and video analytics and image processing, all to help you to strive in your unique application.

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Automated infrared imaging cameras

Automated infrared imaging cameras

By detecting hot spots on an object, you can act in real-time on problems that occur from critical industrial equipment and assets before they could become potentially dangerous or extremely costly. Sharply detecting problems that can commonly occur if not monitored regularly will help to prevent your equipment downtime and increase the safety of your staff. Implementing infrared thermal imaging technology will ultimately save costs and make systems and processes more efficient.

Common applications for automated infrared imaging cameras include process monitoring and control, asset management, quality assurance, and machine condition monitoring. Not only is selecting the right automated infrared camera for your application challenging but integrating it into an automation system can be very daunting. Our experts are on hand to support you through this process with the end goal of providing you with a high-quality, cost-effective solution to enable you to step into the world of automation.

  • Monitor the quality control of a process
  • Save costs with predictive infrared imaging camera maintenance
  • Increase safety with early fire detection
Infrared R&D cameras

Infrared R&D cameras

Infrared imaging cameras enable you to make non-contact temperature measurements for data acquisition, analysis and reporting. For many types of R&D projects, thermographic cameras have become the ‘go to’ tool for accurately and reliably obtaining temperature variations across an object or scene. It is crucial that you select an infrared imaging camera with the exact features you require for your unique application to ensure you get desired performance and results.

Our infrared thermal imaging solutions consider the variety of applications within R&D and the different specifications required including wide temperature ranges, temperature resolution, exposure time, frame rates, spatial resolution, total record time, field of view (FoV), data analysis, and superframing. Our industrial imaging experts can guide you from product selection to technology integration to ensure your project runs smoothly and you succeed.

  • A large choice of radiometric cameras from SWIR to LWIR
  • High resolution infrared imaging cameras
  • High-speed infrared cameras
Infrared thermal cores and lenses

Infrared thermal cores and lenses

When building an infrared imaging solution, components such as thermal imaging cores and lenses have multiple features that need to be considered before selecting the right one for your individual application. Each core has different qualities that need to be prioritised depending on your specific requirements. Important considerations include the overall weight of the core, size, pixel pitch, thermal sensitivity, and mounting capability. Once you have identified the right core, it can be combined with a selection of thermal lenses to best suit your needs.

There are multiple lens options available when pairing with an infrared thermal core. Standard lenses, all with single focal, featuring front element optic and a thermal optics. Alternatively, using your own lens is an option due to the flexibility of our cores, and finally, a thermal continuous zoom lens with athermal optics and a sealed hard-coated front element optics. At the core of our thermal imaging offer, our Infrared Imaging Technology Centre is a dedicated resource available to you to ensure you choose the right components and get support on designing and developing your thermal infrared solution.

  • A large choice of cores from cooled MWIR to uncooled LWIR
  • A wide variety of lenses from radiometric athermal lenses to continuous zoom lenses
  • Low SWaP thermal imaging modules
Pan and tilt positioners

Pan and tilt positioners

A pan and tilt positioning unit’s quality and functionality are key to gaining excellent visibility and precise, immediate information in any system, whether the end application is surveillance, manufacturing, or research. Pan and tilt units offer fast pan speeds and precise control over your payloads movement to accurately manage and monitor resources and track everything on-site including highlighting any intruders. Their integration and automation capabilities can also help lower health and safety risks and increase product quality by providing more detailed, stable images when using gyro-stabilisation.

Choosing the right pan and tilt device is incredibly important in designing and optimising any automated system. 

To meet a wide range of spectrum needs, we offer high-performance standard and customisable pan and tilt units with real-time, computer-controlled positioning of virtually any payload including infrared imaging cameras, laser rangefinders, and antennas. Our team of highly skilled infrared imaging engineers across Europe can guide you through each stage of your project to ensure your final system is fit for purpose and delivers the right result whilst staying on budget.

  • High pan speeds of up to 300°/s and wide pan ranges of up to 360°
  • Highly accurate position resolution with fast data speeds to enable real-time system control
  • Multiple control interfaces to give you the greatest flexibility in integrating your pan and tilt unit into other systems
Infrared security cameras

Infrared security cameras

Thermographic security cameras ensure uninterrupted protection throughout challenging environments. As infrared imaging experts, we provide solutions that deliver reliable 24/7 detection by continuously monitoring perimeters and facilities, quickly identifying body heat in total darkness, smoke, fog, and glaring light. It is important in almost any thermal security application that the solution you choose has reliable onboard analytics, best-in-class imaging quality to get desired results, and high-performance lenses to give you the flexibility required to detect in a variety of ranges and conditions.

Our relationships with strategic partners such as FLIR and our in-house expertise allows us to offer the best on the market, providing you with unrivalled awareness. Our Infrared Imaging Technology Centre can give end-to-end specialist support for integration, calibration, and servicing of your thermal-imaging security system to make sure it is to your exact application requirements.

  • A wide variety of cooled MWIR and uncooled LWIR solutions
  • Long range 24/7 surveillance capabilities
  • Low SWaP thermal imaging modules for integration into aerial surveillance systems
Video analytics and image processing

Video analytics and image processing

Applying video analytics is an important factor for getting the performance required from your camera system. Video analytics technology processes digital video signals using an algorithm to perform desired functions. It is best applied in applications where intelligent technology is required to identify the slight differences between normal/common activity of an object and activity that would be considered uncommon or suspicious. These applications cover ISR, infrastructure inspection, and natural resource management.

Video analytics processors come in a variety of sizes and features, providing you with the flexibility to ensure you select the exact fit for your application needs. These analytics capabilities cover directional motion, adaptive motion, vibration removal, object removal, object counting, camera sabotage, abandoned object, loitering detection, stopped vehicles, and auto-tracking. The video analytics and image processing solutions we provide enable you to focus on the features which solely meet your objectives rather than developing the complicated video processing element. If you have specific requirements, we offer hardware and software customisation to ensure your solution is fit for the purpose.

  • Low SWaP image processing boards for integration on aerial systems
  • Infrared and visible image fusion
  • Automatic video tracking
Infrared Imaging Technology Centre

Within the Infrared Technology Centre, we offer an array of services to help create high quality, customised solutions.



Create a clear vision for challenging imaging solutions by ensuring you continually advance your infrared capabilities. Our knowledgeable team will simplify the process and will help you to determine the best solution for your application, at the optimum cost.

Advising on the best camera modules – from cores and lenses to detectors, blackbodies and processing boards, through to helping you plan the design, manufacture and any specialist testing.

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When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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