Magnetic components

Magnetic components

It all starts with the right magnetic component. We provide the best magnetic components available and support your design, integration, and manufacturing to create optimal performing applications. Used for control, transfer, and conditioning of electric power and signals, magnetic components play an essential role in any electronic application. The success of a great design relies on the correct selection of the right magnetic components.  

With technical expertise gained over 40 years in the market, we offer you a comprehensive range of magnetic components that meet all your technical design needs. Our close relationships with world-class, innovative manufacturers mean we can help you to source, customise, and integrate any magnetic components for your unique application.

Our technical teams are at the forefront of technology development, ensuring that our technical advice and range of products feature the latest materials, topologies, and processes in order to continually improve the technical performance of power applications. For complex component requirements and to help solve more complex design challenges, we can design and build a complete solution to your needs with custom-designed solutions.

Our in-house design engineers from our Magnetics Products Technology Centre have been helping customers with custom magnetic inductors and transformers for over 25 years, and our technical teams have extensive experience across a range of sectors including renewable energy, industrial welding, electrical drives, automotive, and rail, medical equipment, and aerospace.

Our technologies

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Antennas for wireless charging RFiD, NFC, and magnetic field detection

Antennas for wireless charging RFiD, NFC, and magnetic field detection

Soft magnetic materials can be used to build up components that are able to create a shaped magnetic field in the space around it with different features. These kinds of components work as antennas, like those commonly applied to broaden an electric signal in a radio. In this section, the antennas work in the range of frequencies below 15MHz (a typical frequency is 13.56MHz) and among their features, they are able to transfer a higher amount of electrical power. Typical applications are RFiD transmitter and receivers, Near Field Communication (NFC) antennas, and wireless charging coils which work as antennas transferring power to the user.

In this technology range, we also feature components used to detect magnetic fields like proximity sensors which are ideal in applications such as low-frequency antennas, RFiD and NFC, and wireless charging for handheld devices or portable equipment.

Common mode chokes

Common mode chokes

Common mode chokes (CMC) are components that intervene on EMC noise flowing on cables or PCB nets. These CMCs are essentially used on power lines, both AC and DC. As any electronic circuit needs a power supply our range of CMCs can be designed for any application and across any industry or market. CMCs are made of a high permeable magnetic core with 2 identical windings, but a single core (usually ferrite cores or Nanocrystalline) surrounding two wires can also make a single turn CMC.

We offer a huge variation of products from single cores to highly compact ferrite-based CMC, to customised cores and inductors. If we do not have exactly what you need, we can offer a fully bespoke solution depending on the technical design parameters. 

Typical applications include AC power lines (power supplies input stage), DC power lines (DC distribution lines inside multi-board systems), differential data lines (digital signal noise immunity), CAN bus, and filters on power distribution cables.

Magnetic inductors

Magnetic inductors

Our array of inductors is among the widest range of products and can be designed across industries like renewable energy, medical, transportation, and industrial automation and connectivity. Our products are also ideal for military, defence, aerospace, and automotive applications due to their robust and reliable nature.

Our incredibly broad offer ranges from power handling (from few watts up to hundreds of kW), frequency of operations (from 50Hz up to GHz), mechanical forms going from ceramic RF inductors, SMD power inductors, and toroidal to complex structures made of blocks and cylinders. We work in partnership with world-leading technology suppliers, meaning that we can work with our customers to offer bespoke solutions according to the technical application design.

Typical applications include radio frequency filters and matches, Power Factor Correctors (PFC), audio output filters, dimmer chokes, energy storage chokes, boost converters, buck converters, and planar inductors for high-density converters.

Switch-mode transformers

Switch-mode transformers

Switch-mode transformers are one of the most important components in a switch-mode converter. The component used can make all the difference in the performance of the entire application. Designers need to consider accurate design specifications in terms of circuit topology, frequency of operation, number of windings, core materials, heat dissipation, and form factor.

As it is important selecting a transformer that can work with the semiconductor controller of the converter, some of our technical supply partners can offer transformers directly developed with semiconductor application engineers. Our offer of standard products covers a wide range of applications. In addition, we can easily adapt existing products to meet the design needs for bespoke solutions.

Lamination transformers and chokes

Low frequency laminated chokes

Although most applications are driven by a frequency increase trend, there are still applications below 10kHz where designers still use traditional magnetic materials. In high power applications, where the switching frequencies do not exceed a few kHz, or in electric engines drivers, low-frequency laminated choke materials still offer the best compromise between cost and performance. We offer standard products for electric engines control and mechanical standard manufacturing which allow low-cost solutions for high power filter chokes for inverters and boost converters.

Typical applications include solar inverters, boost converters, windmill converters, electric engine controls, and UPS.

Low frequency laminated transformers

Low frequency laminated transformers

We offer three different classes of products within this technology: encapsulated transformer for PCB applications, typically in the range of few VA (0,6 up to 60VA), toroidal transformers, and EI form factor high power transformers (single-phase and tri-phase).

While PCB encapsulated transformers find their niche in high volume and simple applications, toroidal transformers are typically offered to high-end applications like audio amplifiers, medical-grade equipment, welding machines, and drives. Our EI transformer offer is usually applied in those applications with a power handling in the range of 50kVA to 500kVA, with solutions deployed for power up to 800kVA.

Typical applications include linear power supplies (0.6 up to 60W), audio amplifiers, welding machines, UPS, medical equipment such as MRI, ships, windmill generators, solar inverters, and battery chargers.

Current transformers

Current transformers

Current transformers are a magnetic material able to convert a current flowing in the primary section into a measurable signal on the secondary, typically it is a current flowing into a burden resistor that gives a voltage signal to measure.

This technology is commonly used to measure or detect mainly AC current at different frequencies. Depending on the application current transformer need to be capable of measuring currents with a DC contribution overlapped to AC. Frequencies can range from a few Hz up to 20kHz as AC currents are the result of switch-mode operations. We offer different solutions based on different industrial magnetic core and mechanical construction. Thanks to our wealth of experience in nanocrystalline magnetic cores and soft magnetic cores, we can support customers developing their own CT or RCD selecting the proper material. We can also design and manufacture CTs and RCDs according to customer specifications.

Typical applications include ground Fault Current Interruption (GFCI) or Residual Current Devices (RCD), current transformers (CT), electric grid surveillance/maintenance, wh meters, electric vehicle chargers, solar inverters, and UPS.

EMI filters

EMI filters

EMI filters are made up of magnetic inductors and capacitors assembled in a metal box and can reduce electromagnetic energy propagated through power lines (mainly AC). They can be single-phase or tri-phase and able to work with universal AC voltage ranges.

We also have a selection of DC filters suitable for a wide range of applications including military/ aerospace, medical, high frequency/microwave, communications, and industrial. These EMI filters are offered according to the categories of resin sealed, hermetic, and solder-in and screwed into panels of your application for the perfect reliability of performances.

Typical applications for AC filters include power supplies, drives for automation, medical equipment, energy storage systems (UPS), coffee machines, vending machines, and military and space.

Magnetics Technology Centre

Within the Magnetics Products Technology Centre, we offer an array of services to help create customised solutions.



With the largest team of technical support specialists in Europe, we are at the forefront of a design led approach to delivering challenging and custom solutions for magnetic cores or components for production.

Whether your need is simple or complex, we can develop a solution to achieve your goals. With in- house experts we can design, develop and test prototypes that meet performance and environmental requirements of your application.

Our approach

When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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