Environmental and air quality sensors

Environmental and air quality sensors

With environmental conditions having a major impact on health and well-being, environmental monitoring is becoming more important. So much so that the EU has introduced the Clean Air Act, to follow air pollution standards it expects all member states to meet in order to protect the natural environment from harmful contaminants that have a detrimental effect if inhaled or absorbed through the skin.


    Specialist sensor range

    Our specialist range covers all key parameters for any environment, but to help solve more complex challenges for your application, we can design and build a complete solution to your needs with customer-specific combinations and custom-designed solutions along with wireless connectivity.

    As a complete solutions provider with years of expertise in applying and developing environmental sensor solutions for both indoor and harsh environments, not only can we provide the best sensor technology available, but we can also support your design, integration and development to create ground-breaking applications whilst focussing on what’s important for Air Quality Monitoring (AQM) applications, such as:

    • Accuracy and stability – The maximum difference between the actual and indicated value needs to be minimal to ensure you are delivered accurate readings of what you are monitoring
    • Low power consumption – A long life span is key for an environmental sensor that’s applied to a device that needs to last or is remote. Constant, consistent readings over a long period with minimal change in the readings after time and usage
    • Small size – Their decrease in size means they can be easily placed in many more locations measuring different attributes and opens up more portable and wearable device opportunities
    • Custom solutions – From combining several different gas sensing solutions to a full custom design involving wireless connectivity, a fully packaged finished product tailored to your specific application requirements

    Our technologies

    Discover our range of technologies


    Airflow sensors

    Used for measuring the flow of indoor air quality, gas or fluid, usually within a flow meter. We have a range of advanced digital and analogue airflow sensors that provide enhanced reliability, high accuracy, repeatability, and fast responses, across a variety of high sensitivity flow ranges in either compensated or non-compensated options. We also offer the ability to customise sensor options to meet specific or complex application requirements.

    Perfect across potential applications include heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), gas metering, and medical equipment.

    Humidity sensors

    Humidity sensors


    Offering some of the worlds most advanced solutions for both digital and analogue humidity sensors for virtually any application.

    Bringing industry-leading stability and reliability, with wide operating ranges, small sizes and low power/ cost solutions as well as combined and custom package options.


    Dust and particle sensors

    Dust and particle sensors

    Partnering with the most innovative suppliers of dust & particle sensors, enables us to bring both standard and fully customisable technologies to our range. These sensors will enable fast, wireless deployment of data-critical industrial and commercial sensor solutions that are cost-effective with superior performance and reliability, all with the aim to drive better air-quality standards.

    Covering both indoor and outdoor sensors with the latest light scattering technologies able to detect particle concentration between 0.3~10µm using real-time output. They are some of the most accurate, sensitive and quick response sensors on the market in compact sizes for easy installation and suited many different applications.

    IoT Technology Centre

    Our IoT and Wireless Technology Centre will advance your ability to deliver innovative technology solutions for complex applications – from sensors to the cloud.

    IoT Wireless Technology Centre


    Creating custom solutions and navigating adding challenging connectivity to an application requires specialist expertise and capabilities. Our team of hardware design and software application engineers have extensive experience, ensuring we can bring your concept to life.

    Covering proof of concept and feasibility studies for development, through to working prototype realisation and initial production management, our team delivers you complete project support.

    Our approach

    When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

    Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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    From modified to fully customised components.



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    Technological expertise across your application lifecycle.

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    Our solutions and expertise are centred around six key markets

    Over the years we have built up considerable knowledge and knowhow, providing tailored solutions for our customers.

    • Transportation
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