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Industrial and Connectivity

Solving the industrial challenges of tomorrow, with solutions that enable ever more connected, efficient, safe, and reliable technologies.

Our ever-evolving world is adopting technology to enhance our lives. Our engineers are continually supporting our customers at the heart of this change in the industrial and connected industries.

The rapid changes taking place in the industrial market have had an impact on the structure of workspaces and workforces everywhere. The increase in automation and connectivity focuses on using advancements in technology to build resilience, expand productivity and ensure cost-effectiveness. Smart manufacturing has enabled us to support you in the development of technology such as predictive analytics and remote monitoring, empowering you to build agility, reacting quickly and more efficiently to challenges as they arise.

The industrial and connected markets cover a diverse mix of industries. And this is reflected in the vast range of solutions we have developed with our customers. From applications for use in factories, warehouses, and plants, to offices, public spaces, and homes – there is a constant need for technologies that offer greater connectivity or efficiency that are safe and reliable. Whether you need a design to provide high heat resistance, fast response or tolerate high vibration and shock, we create solutions that are industrial-grade and rugged, long-lasting, have low power consumption, and are modified for your specific needs.

Our team of specialist engineers are on hand with our consultative, design-led approach to develop your application and industry-specific requirements into a fully functioning product without compromising on quality.

By taking into consideration the challenges you may face, from thermal efficiency to digital output restrictions, we are able to provide a solution that is high performing, reliable and efficient. Within the industrial and connectivity market, we understand components and modules need to be more rugged to withstand harsh and demanding environmental conditions. Our solutions are high-quality technologies that perform without failure, have fast response times, provide precision measurements, and remain stable within extreme environments. To ensure their longevity we can help build prototypes, and carry out thorough testing for each solution, adjusting where necessary. We also advise in regards to last-time buys, migration, or redesign ensuring that you always remain in total control of your investment. 

Delivering innovative custom solutions with you for use in the industrial and connectivity market

Delivering innovative custom solutions with you for use in the industrial and connectivity market.

Applying our design-led approach and unique combination of technological expertise to develop solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow.

Creating enhanced technological solutions for the industrial and connectivity market

There are endless possibilities for how we can help you develop solutions that enhance our shared technological future. Here are just a few. 

Industrial environment sensors

Industrial environment sensors

Industrial applications of sensors can be challenging to ensure that they are able to withstand constant changes in pressure, extreme temperatures, high vibration and shock and potential exposure to corrosive substances. We recommend the right sensor for everything from oil and gas exploration to industrial hydraulics and ensure that they are specifically designed for your applications needs, providing a guarantee of accurate measurement, no matter how harsh the environment.


Vending solutions

We develop comprehensive solutions for the vending and dispensing industry covering both component and system level devices. Our solutions use sensors, power supplies, magnetic components, EMI filters, environmental control products and embedded control systems delivering customised products to meet your individual needs.

Industrial infrared cameras

Infrared cameras

We create high tech solutions that utilise ultra-small cameras to obtain consistent, high-quality imaging. Our team of expert engineers deliver infrared technology solutions that can solve your complex challenges, such as crop inspection on smart farms or the use of night lighting within smart cities. Our solutions deliver low SWaP, high performance and longevity, protecting your investment for the long-term.

Industrial IIoT

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

We support you to harness the rapidly gaining momentum of IIoT within manufacturing. Our technology expertise enables us to work with you to develop solutions that can deliver continuous improvements in accordance with your needs. With rugged, industrial-grade sensors and wireless connectivity being embedded or located across factories, warehouses, vehicles, machinery and equipment, businesses can readily collect reliable real-time data and use it to make well informed decisions quickly.

Early detection cameras

Early warning systems

Thermal imaging cameras and sensors are used in the early detection of fire or gas leaks. Our ability to design a product that can remotely determine hot and cold zones within the same area demonstrates the sensitivity of the equipment. Our innovative systems can even detect vapour or condensation around a pipe. Once detected, using wireless communications and data management software such as LoRa, the issue can be reported locally or linked to a ringing alarm system or automatically activated sprinklers. 

Industrial spectrometer


Using our expert knowledge, we design and support spectrometers to be used in a variety of scenarios, from moisture measurements in pharmaceutical powders to detecting the type of plastic within a bottle-recycling machine. The versatility of these devices can greatly improve productivity and efficiency.

Industrial EMI removal

EMI noise removal and motor bearings protection

With the increased density of electronic equipment in an industrial environment, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is becoming a challenge for designers, installers and maintenance of equipment, to make sure it doesn’t damage circuitry and affect the performance of the design. Our wide range of solutions allow our engineers to support customers in all these steps. Nanocrystalline cores designed by our team of engineers allow the protection of electrical motor bearings from corrosion increasing the lifetime of equipment.

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When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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Technologies and strategic partners

Our teams of highly-trained, specialist engineers cover a broad range of diverse technologies. By bringing our shared expertise and experiences together with those of our customers, we’re solving complex technical challenges in renewable energy.

The relationships we have with our strategic partners not only allow us to provide you the best components available to meet your requirements but opens opportunities for collaboration in the modification of products through their product experts.

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