Policies and accreditations

Corporate responsibility

acal bfi

While the management of Acal BFi is primarily accountable to its investors and shareholders, in managing the business it takes into account all stakeholders in Acal BFi including employees, customers and suppliers, as well as the local communities and environment in which it operates. In a balanced way, without unnecessarily restricting the optimisation of returns, it endeavours to identify and manage any risks to the value of Acal BFi's business from social, environmental and ethical matters, and to take any opportunities presented by a sensible and considerate approach to such matters to enhance shareholder value.

The Board of Acal BFi has adopted policies in relation to corporate social matters, and day-to-day responsibility for implementation of these policies is delegated to the management of Acal BFi's local operating companies. In implementing these policies, the company endeavours to ensure that the cost of managing risks is proportionate to their significance to Acal BFi and its business partners.

An expanded version of the Acal BFi Corporate Social Responsibility policy can be downloaded below, along with other key policies related to this area.