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Driving enhancements in technologies that are transforming transportation and mobility systems.

We combine our technological expertise and design-led approach to develop solutions that are seamless, sustainable, accessible and affordable.

The transportation industry is switching gear, focusing on sustainability and efficiency with a drive for greater technology-enabled mobility. With successful automated vehicle (AV) pilots being undertaken and the use of artificial intelligence having greater prevalence, it is more important than ever to develop technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions to stay ahead of the curve. The need for these safe, sustainable, and long-lasting transportation systems drives our focus to develop custom solutions for vehicles, from cars and trains through to maritime vessels. We fully understand the challenges across the different industries and are always seeking ways to improve and innovate.

Our technical knowledge and skills combined with access to the best quality components help you to achieve all of your transportation objectives. From off-the-shelf standard parts to fully customised components, we’ll develop a solution tailored to meet your requirements.

The importance of delivering long-lasting, robust solutions able to function under extreme environmental conditions is vital. The finished solutions must be hard-wearing, able to withstand high temperatures as well as a need for resistance from shock and vibration. Our solutions are driven by the leading transportation standards. The solutions that we design for train control and rail signalling, for example, meet all of the functional safety, reliability, and availability requirements mandated by rail standards and specifications. All safety-related hardware is designed to be certified to EN50129 SIL4, software to EN50128 SIL4, and all reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety processes to EN50126. 

The transportation market is constantly evolving. With a huge variety of applications, it is imperative to work with a partner that you can trust to choose and develop the right solution. Our team of experts can support your complex needs with our design-led approach.

Developing solutions with you that enhance the transportation and mobility systems that keep us moving

Developing solutions with you that enhance the transportation and mobility systems that keep us moving.

We’re solving the technical challenges of tomorrow to support a greener and smarter world.

Creating technological solutions that enhance our transportation systems

There are endless possibilities for how we can help you develop solutions that enhance our shared technological future. Here are just a few.

Transportation Train tilt control system

Train tilt control system

Our advanced technology solutions are designed to guide trains as well as reduce the costs of maintenance and repairs. By utilising sensors specially sourced from our vast portfolio, particularly accelerometers, designed to track tilt, vibration or any type of mechanical motion we can develop a system to meet your evolving needs and focus on the safety of drivers and passengers.

Emission sensors

Emission sensors

We can support you to monitor emission levels using sensors to detect and track humidity, temperature, CO2, particle and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), providing the necessary data to alert connected systems to clean the air accordingly. Our solutions include sensors that are sensitive, robust and small in size, to enable them to be easily installed within filtration, pollen filters and HVAC systems - with the ideal sensor able detect the entire range of parameters at the same time.

Remote vessel monitoring system

Remote vessel monitoring system

Our creative design led approach enables us to develop vessel-monitoring systems that retain their efficiency even in the harshest of conditions. We can provide you with a solution that is user-friendly, cost-effective and scalable with long-term battery power and the option for self-installation. With different wireless technology options available to our team of engineers, we can enhance the software and provide an achievable solution that meets even the most complex of goals.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles

The electric and hybrid automotive market is fast-paced and innovative. Our approach to driving this technology forward ensures that the parts and components we recommend are able to cope with the complex demands of design and use. Our solutions cover everything from board level components for power modules, transformers and shielding, through to system integration of charging solutions and payment services and interfaces. Our design engineers will help you at every step of your design process from idea to production, creating a bespoke EV charging design to meet the industries growing needs.

Transportation vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking technology

When time is money and deadlines need to be met, having the knowledge of each vehicle’s location is imperative. By designing and delivering different vehicle tracking technology solutions we can help support you in this. From sensors GPS, wireless protocols and data management software, we can provide all the components and products you need to keep track of important vehicles.

Automotive telematics

Automotive telematics

Automotive telematics is rapidly becoming a vast industry. As more cars have 3G wireless modules and built-in recovery assistants the need to create cost-efficient, reliable solutions is vital. Our custom modules not only act as a network signal but can also monitor temperature and the conditions of the vehicles.

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When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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Our teams of highly-trained, specialist engineers cover a broad range of diverse technologies. By bringing our shared expertise and experiences together with those of our customers, we’re solving complex technical challenges in renewable energy.

The relationships we have with our strategic partners not only allow us to provide you the best components available to meet your requirements but opens opportunities for collaboration in the modification of products through their product experts.

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