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We develop design-led solutions at each stage of your project journey to enhance future technological outcomes.

Our team of experts work hard to push boundaries using their experience at the forefront of their field to deliver solutions that meet the technological challenges of tomorrow.

Why us?

We support the entire lifespan of your products and applications. With technology constantly evolving it is imperative that we remain ahead of technological advancements. We can assist with product lifecycle management, from holding stock to helping you to manage obsolescence issues through to identifying replacement products. We will ensure that you have all of the information you need to make the right decisions at the right time. 

Working with you to help you redevelop and upgrade your technology needs by observing and highlighting industry trends to keep you at the forefront of the marketplace. Technology upgrades are money invested well as they can quickly pay for themselves in efficiency and improved performance. By guiding you through your upgrading needs we can increase productivity, reduce downtime and ensure your solutions remain cost-effective.

Upgrading design expertise

With our extensive design capabilities, the only limit is your imagination

Our cutting-edge technical facilities and our extensive experience mean that we are best placed to design solutions today that advance tomorrow’s technologies. 

Creating enhanced technological solutions at each stage of the project

There are endless possibilities for how we can help you develop solutions that enhance our shared technological future. Here are just a few. 

Stages - Upgrading future proofing

Future proofing

We are at the forefront of tomorrow’s technologies. Working in partnership with universities and research facilities, we integrate the latest developments into the solutions we develop. As leaders in the field, we work to ensure that your designs are long-lasting and effective, meeting your commercial needs today and for years to come.

Stages - Upgrading Re-design


With ever-evolving technology and statutory requirements, your products need to be revisited and redesigned as necessary. Re-design, like design, begins by listening intently to ensure that we fully understand your specific requirements. It is only then that we can advise you on the best-suited technology - and help you plan the re-design, manufacture, and test process.  

Upgrading, research and feasibility

Research and feasibility

We create design-led solutions across all phases of a product journey that are fully scoped, developed, and refined based on research, feasibility, and commercial suitability. By determining your parameters at the beginning of the process, we can provide you with the data needed at each stage to make informed decisions and prevent unwelcome surprises. 

How can we help?

Our approach

When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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Working together to create the right solution.



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From modified to fully customised components.



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Technological expertise across your application lifecycle.


Technologies and strategic partners

Our teams of highly-trained, specialist engineers cover a broad range of diverse technologies. By bringing our shared expertise and experiences together with those of our customers, we’re solving complex technical challenges in renewable energy.

The relationships we have with our strategic partners not only allow us to provide you the best components available to meet your requirements but opens opportunities for collaboration in the modification of products through their product experts.

Technical news and insights

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