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We offer a specialist range of solutions covering multiple technologies – communications, interconnect, sensors, and magnetics. Our portfolio can be heavily customised to enable us to deliver a solution to meet the exact requirements of your application.

Specialist and custom solutions

At the forefront of our purpose is to develop solutions with our customers that advance tomorrow’s technologies. 

Acal BFi has many years of experience as a European leader in advanced technology and the design of custom solutions. Working as a technical design partner, we offer custom, cost-effective solutions to help you deliver your project and with a wealth of technology expertise, we offer expert support and guidance throughout every stage.

Whether you are looking for a single product or an entire design solution, through to manufacturing capability, we have a solution that is right for you.

Our expertise and capabilities mean we offer the following:

  • Improved system performance - our experts will optimise to the needs of the application
  • Wide range of specialist technologies – sourced from industry-leading partners
  • Wide range of sensor packaging and connector systems – ensuring the most cost-effective design for the intended environment. 
  • Total cost of ownership reduced - we can supply complete, tested and ready to install.
  • Shorter development cycles – first article samples are generally available within a four-to-six week lead time.
  • Reliability – all designs are manufactured in our own or our partners' production facilities under ISO9001 quality control up to military standards.

Our Technology Centres

These are an important part of our consultative, design-led approach. Throughout each facility, we have a team of highly experienced engineers at the forefront of their respective technology. These experts advance and develop our capabilities to ensure our facilities remain state-of-the-art and deliver the expertise required to provide a range of custom solutions to develop and deliver the best technological experience.

We have a facility for every major technology we support:

  • IoT and Wireless Technology Centre
  • Interconnect and Cable Assembly Technology Centre
  • Fibre Optics Technology Centre
  • Infrared Imaging Technology Centre
  • Magnetics Products Technology Centre
  • Power Supply Technology Centre

Visit our Technology Centre page for further information on the services we offer.


Fibre optics

Covering a wide range of specialist fibre optic cables, connectors and assemblies for all applications, we can work with you to select the right fibre for your system - whether operating in single-mode or multi-mode. We also define the correct cable and connection system to meet the specific environmental operating conditions of your system, then manufacture a bespoke solution at our purpose-built facility.

We also specialise in fibre and connector cable assemblies for harsh environments, and can incorporate a range of technologies such as multi-mode, single-mode, expanded beam technology and physical contact/butt joint technology to produce anything from a standard ruggedised cable to a hybrid, ruggedised solution incorporating fibre, copper and coax which is able to carry data, signal and power in one cable.

We offer a unique fibre optic / hybrid fibre optic and copper cable assembly service for commercial, industrial and harsh environments.

We have over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of both fibre only and hybrid fibre/copper cables. We have designed, produced, and installed cable assemblies for many diverse environments, including nuclear submarines, oil exploration vessels, trains, open cast mines and roadside traffic gantries.

We supply optical and electrical transceivers, Direct Attach Cables (DAC), Active Optical Cables (AOC), break-out cables, and form-factor adapters that have been fully qualified using original network equipment manufacturers delivering full compatibility to most major brands on the market today.

Our cages and connectors are offered in a variety of configurations allowing maximum flexibility during design and board layout, accommodating belly-to-belly applications using single 1xN cage types, stacked assemblies with integrated light pipes, connectors simplifying the placement process onto the PCB.

We have the capability to manufacture custom ruggedised and harsh environment cable assemblies to customer specifications, supporting volumes from test cable sets to full production. These high-performance circular connector based assemblies are perfectly suited for use in demanding environments ranging from outdoor installations to high corrosion environments.

Ruggedised custom assembly

Custom cables and connectors

We design and manufacture custom-made cable assemblies, harnesses and flexes to create the best inter-connection system for your application, using solutions from world-class manufacturers.

Our service encompasses manufacturing from pre-defined drawings to your exact specifications, through taking a design and sourcing the most cost-effective components to a complete design service.

Delivered ready to install

Your cable assembly or harness will be manufactured in one of our ISO9001 accredited technology centre facilities offering you the following benefits:

  • Designed to meet your needs – our first-article sampling process will ensure that all subsequent assemblies or harnesses will be right first time.
  • Fully tested – all assemblies and harnesses can be tested for continuity and shorts, giving you the confidence to install directly into the production line from the box.
  • Standards compliance – manufacturing in France and Asia is in accordance with UL and IPC norms.
  • Total cost of ownership reduced – cable assembly or harness is supplied, ready to be installed, reducing the time it takes to assemble the system.
  • State-of-the art logistics – including just-in-time, Kan-ban, ship-to-line and buffer-stocking to agreed levels support your inventory and cash-flow.

Custom sensor services

With access to the R&D teams behind the world’s most advanced sensing technologies, we can design, develop and build custom sensor assemblies quickly and easily. By combining our own in-house knowledge and experience with the skill and resources of our supplier partners, we can help you to develop groundbreaking designs which incorporate the most advanced sensing technologies.

We can design, build and assemble single or multiple sensor assemblies that achieve the most rigorous criteria for accuracy, repeatability and long-term reliability.

Custom sensing assemblies are particularly useful for harsh or high-end applications such as industrial, military and aerospace, medical, and transport systems. Our objectives are always to help you to increase sensing accuracy and reliability, whilst carefully controlling the overall cost of your end product.

Our programmable rotary shafted sensors offer a competitive package ideally suited for robust and harsh environment applications. Featuring an IP68 sealing and an operating temperature of up to 150°C, the main sensor housing is manufactured from high-grade temperature resistant plastic with anodised aluminium alloy mounting.

With redundant output, these compact and fully non-contacting Hall Effect sensors will perfectly suit arduous high-duty cycle position feedback applications.

Both versions offer programmable angle selection and a choice of U-shaft, D-shaft and spring coupling mounting options as standard as well as numerous input and output options. The CRSS version also offers the capability to have bespoke mounting from 32mm upwards in any stud configuration, which may be customised to exactly suit your application.

Key features:

  • Customisable mounting and shaft
  • Hall Effect non-contacting technology
  • Form, U, D shaft and spring coupling drive shaft as standard
  • Long-life - extremely robust
  • Programmable angles from 30º up to 360º
  • IP68 protection
  • Redundant output

You know what temperature range you want to measure, but selecting the right combination of sensing elements and housing is a challenge. We have over 20 years' experience in advanced technology solutions, including the design and delivery of custom temperature probes designed to meet your specific requirements, and reduce your time to market.

Designed for your project

Temperature is the most widely measured of all physical properties. Designing a temperature probe to work effectively in any given application is challenging. Consideration must be given to which technology to use – RTDs, thermistors, thermocouples or thermopiles, and protection of these elements in the environment. Fully understanding the effect this protection has on the element's characteristics to make sure it will work correctly once assembled. Finally, how the probe will be mounted and connected to the electronics, which are often remote from the point of measurement. We understand these issues and advise on the best element, housing, cable and connector solution for any application, delivering a custom-designed temperature probe assembly usually within six weeks.

We work with you to understand the environment the sensor is to be used in and design a suitable housing and add the appropriate cable and connectors to ensure you have the best bespoke solution for your application.

Our extensive range covers all key parameters for any environment, but to help solve more complex challenges for your application, we can design and build a complete solution to your needs with customer-specific combinations.

From simple sensor combinations to complete, custom products, we can also combine multiple sensors with wireless connectivity, display/controllers and enclosures. Covering:

  • Display / Controller - Whatever you require, we can build it into a solution for you
  • Enclosure options - We can work with your design team to specific requirements
  • Interface options - HMI / display / packaging
  • Wireless options - Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / LoRa / RF
  • Sensor options - Temperature / HCHO / VOC / RH / CO2 / PM (1.0, 2.5, 10.0)
  • Cable & connector options

Please contact us for your display, controller and enclosure options


Magnetic cores and components

Access a complete range of complementary products and over 40 years of experience. with a comprehensive range, we can help you source, customise, stock and integrate magnetic components for any project.

We design transformers, chokes and even cores, based on the technical and commercial aspects of your project. Producing designs suitable for EMI suppression, power conversion and signal processing applications, although we specialise in power solutions

Four options, one service

Supplying much more than off-the-shelf components, we can offer you the ability to mix and match to your exact requirements:

  • Materials
  • Accessories
  • Logistics
  • Customised services.

Within our materials section you’ll find everything you need for your product design, including nano-crystalline, iron-based amorphous materials, ferrite and molypermalloy powder (MPP). Match these with the accessories you need, including baseplates, housings, bobbins, toroid mounts and more.

We customise components for specific requirements, provide experienced design support and work from design to production to make sure you deliver to your customers.


We have been helping customers with bespoke transformer supply for over 25 years and for complex transformer requirements, we offer a complete customisation service. From the choice of soft magnetic cores to the design of finished components. As Europe's largest distributor of soft magnetic core, we have direct access to all known materials and core shapes. Working with world-class manufacturers, we are up to date with the latest technical and application developments, and we can pass that expertise on to you. Our custom products include:

  • flyback transformers
  • push-pull/forward transformers
  • signal/drive transformers, and
  • current transformers.

If you need custom inductors, we can design and customise inductors even for complex inductor requirements. Our complete customisation service, offers the choice of soft magnetic cores through to the design of finished inductive components.

We have direct access to all known materials and core shapes and are up to date with the latest technical and application developments, and we can pass that expertise on to you.

Our custom products include:

  • storage chokes
  • PFC chokes
  • filter chokes
  • common mode chokes (CMC), and
  • resonant chokes.

We offer our own brand of amorphous and nanocrystalline cores, therefore our design engineers can freely choose the best material for your application without restriction. Working in long-term relationships with our world-class suppliers, we have a full understanding of each material’s properties and how they will match requirements as well as any cost implications to your application so that you will receive the most economical design.

  • Nanocrystalline soft magnetic tape wound cores for electromagnetic interference (EMI), power applications, residual current devices (RCD)s, and current transformers (CTs).
  • Co-Amorphous - Cobalt-based amorphous soft magnetic tape wound cores.
  • Fe-Amorphous - Iron-based amorphous soft magnetic tape wound cores.


Technology Centres

When resource or capacity is limited, you can depend upon our knowledge and dedicated Technology Centres to support you from concept through to production.

We provide access to a large range of specialist services and capabilities across our specialist technologies, enabling you to build tailored solutions and bring your concept to reality. Discover how we can support you through our dedicated centres.

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