Photonics test & measurement

Photonics test and measurement

Within our photonics test and measurement portfolio, we offer infrared calibrated sources and equipment used to test and calibrate infrared Electro-Optic equipment incorporating usually an infrared camera and/or infrared laser, spectroradiometers to test and calibrate light sources, test equipment to measure laser light sources, infrared sensors used to quantify the light emitted in a specific infrared bandwidth and measure the temperature for different industrial applications like hot ovens for steel manufacturing, and spectrometers and birefringence and polarimetry systems for measuring specific characteristics of an object by analysing the light it is emitting or re-emitting.

All of our products provide superior accuracy and reliable measurements over time. These products are ideal for research and development, with some able to operate within harsh, industrial environments. With all of our photonics test and measurement products, we offer lifetime support to ensure you get the most from your solution.

Our team of application and sales engineers can help you select the right instruments for your technical design. We can work with you throughout your project journey, right from the design process to after-sales technical support such as repair and calibration.

Our technologies

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IR blackbodies and test systems

IR blackbodies and test systems

Providing the test community with unequalled performance, reliability, and ease of integration into test systems, our range of blackbodies and EO/IR test equipment offers an extensive line of reliable, high-performance test equipment used to characterise and calibrate IR, visible, and laser systems. Within this technology includes blackbodies, visible sources, target wheels, targets, collimators, target projectors, laser test modules/systems, and software for automated testing. These modular, cost-effective instruments are user-friendly and easily integrated into automated test systems.

Our blackbodies and EO/IR systems are suitable for a variety of markets. Within the military market, we have blackbodies that are suited to the most demanding infrared applications and uses, providing stable, uniform, accurate, and highly emissive capabilities. Within the scientific market, we offer high-end, yet affordable blackbodies that are ideal for scientific use with high specifications and robust performance. And for industrial uses, we provide blackbodies for performing quick and accurate calibration of infrared cameras and infrared pyrometers.

Our specialist range from our strategic partners, means we have the best technology for the most complex requirements. From sensing body temperature to adjusting night vision equipment, we can address all your technical test system needs.

Light test and measurement

Light test and measurement

We provide innovative control and measurement technology to the lighting market. Our offering comprises of the industry's fastest data acquisition and testing solutions, using two-axis goniometers to allow continuous movement and collect 360° results in seconds.

Our rapid, accurate systems can increase product quality and reliability, reduce external lab-testing costs, and speed up product development timescales.

Laser power meters

Laser power meters

Laser power meters determine the intensity of the output via detection sensors and analyse lasers within a specific range of intensities and wavelengths. Available as an all-in-one portable laser power meter, or as a separate power detector and readout acquisition, these devices measure the optical power (delivered energy per unit time) of almost any laser source that has to be tested.

Our range of power measurement products has market-leading accuracy and visibility, and we offer both handheld, portable, and PC integrated options to measure, analyse and record power and energy. This means that technical application developers can accurately measure all lasers from UV to the far-infrared, in any application within the industrial, medical, or scientific fields.



These remote-sensing, infrared thermometer sensors are used to measure the temperature of distant objects by determining the thermal radiation emitted from their surface.

Highly engineered for precision, power conversion, and measurement for even the most demanding applications such as monitoring systems for the petrochemical and metal manufacturing markets, these sensors provide cutting-edge technology that’s accurate and offers high dependability, delivering real-time measurement via in-situ probes.

We cover a range of pyrometers suitable for almost every application need, offering you the most reliable, rugged, and accurate options available from our leading strategic partners.

  • Metal manufacturing and process control
  • Glass manufacturing and process control
  • Petrochemical sensors
  • Semiconductor and thin-film pyrometers
Fibre optic thermometry

Fibre optic thermometry

Fibre optic thermometers are contact-temperature sensors (such as thermocouples) that use light and for example, the principle of phosphorescence to accurately measure the temperature of an object that they are in contact with. Our fibre optic thermometers are suited to a range of applications:

  • Semiconductor plasma etching
  • Automotive thermoforming and e-mobility batteries
  • Industrial high power transformer monitoring
  • Medical MRI patient monitoring


We work with world-leading spectroscopy partners to offer compact, versatile spectrometers covering the UV, visible and infrared spectrum that can be used for laboratory test and measurement, field tests, or for industrial process control. As well as supporting traditional grating-based spectrometers, we also offer FTIR and MEMS-based solutions, using either Michelson or Fabry-Perot interferometers.

  • Monitoring dissolved oxygen content in freshwater and marine ecosystems
  • Studying spectral emission lines of distant galaxies
  • Characterisation of proteins
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Respiratory gas analysis in hospitals
  • Laser characterisation: wavelength meters and spectrum analysers
Bi-refringence and polarimetry systems

Birefringence and polarimetry systems

We offer a vast choice of polarimeters to measure the polarisation properties of a light beam (Stokes polarimetry) or a material interacting with a light beam (Mueller polarimetry). We also offer birefringence measurement systems that have been adopted by industry leaders worldwide to measure birefringence and characterise stress birefringence in materials.

These photonics solutions measure glass, stress bi-refringence, display components, injection moulded plastics, drawn fibres, fibre Optics, lithography reticules, lens blanks, lenses, silicon wafers, minerals, laser crystals, liquid crystals, birefringent crystals and many more.

  • Glass manufacturing
  • Laser crystal manufacturing
  • Magnetic film manufacturing
  • Moulded optics control
  • Fibre optics quality control

Our approach

When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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