Pressure and force sensors

Pressure and force sensors

Differential pressure sensors and force sensors - essentially the same concept in two forms; pressure is force over area and are engineered with the same high-performance technology in both strain-gauge and piezo-resistive design.

The big difference is that pressure is a scalar quantity, meaning that force, when applied to a smaller area will produce greater pressure than when applied to a larger surface area. While force is a vector, meaning it has magnitude as well as direction and these sensors only detect a single axis of force applied to one point and in one direction.

Combining top suppliers’ capabilities with our own in-house expertise, we can assist with design, you can also benefit from access to advanced prototyping centres to help develop your ideas, access dedicated production capabilities and supplier expertise to enhance production and get designs to market faster.

Stronger performance


Our portfolio of pressure and force transducers and switches, from world-leading manufacturers, provide a broad range of solutions from basic through to high performance - built for flexibility and sensitivity, for more complex applications. Bringing enhanced precision, ruggedness and endurance, these sensors allow you to meet precise specifications and give stronger performance to your applications. 

Choose from board mounted pressure sensors, media isolated pressure sensors and PCB mountable pressure switches as well as a range of combined pressure and temperate transducers, which are well suited to applications where space is tight, and environments are harsh.

    Broad range offering:

    • High performance and repeatability
    • Accuracy, reliability, size
    • Uncalibrated to fully calibrated
    • Amplified analogue or digital output versions
    • Factory pre-set or adjustable on-site with fast repeatable responses
    • Long life-span - tested to over 20 million cycles
    • With a broad choice of ports, connectors, outputs

    Contact us to find out more about the choices and options available to you for a particular application or design.

    Our technologies

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    Board mounted pressure sensors

    Typically mounted onto a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) to measure the pressure of gases or liquids for various applications such as airflow, air pressure and gas flow, these sensors are suited to applications such as transportation, building automation, medical devices, industrial HVAC and refrigeration.

    Partnering with industry leaders in this area of sensing solutions brings over 75 years’ experience, offering leading expertise, rapid customisation and world-class manufacturing capabilities.

    This strong portfolio of sensors gives a broad range of high-performance, high accuracy, compensated and fully calibrated sensors for both digital or analogue output. Along with state-of-the-art solutions known for their reliability and size.

    • Wide temperature sensor ranges
    • Available in gauge, absolute and differential pressure ranges
    • Digital or analogue outputs
    • Surface mountable
    • Flexibility for low profile applications
    • Solid-state reliability
    • Different configurations as standard or custom options
    • Designed for use in harsh environments, including liquids such as water/drinking water

    Media isolated pressure sensors

    Media Isolated pressure sensors measure gauge or absolute pressure, typically within harsh/hostile environments and are required to perform with outstanding precision and sensitivity.

    We partner with both Honeywell and Amphenol – two of the most valued and reliable manufacturers of media isolated sensors solutions to bring a range of precision and advanced technologies.

    Typically offering:

    • Compact stainless steel construction resistant to aggressive fluid and moisture (water)
    • hermetically welded so they don’t need to use internal seals that could corrode
    • Accuracy 0.2% FSO typical
    • Industry leading sensitivity - 200 mV typical FSO with 1.0 mA
    • Solid state; high reliability & stability ±0.25 %
    • Temperature sensor ranges -40°c to 125°c
    • Excellent chemical and environmental resistance
    • many pressure sensors ranges available to suit – from 500psi to 5000psi (34 bar to 345 bar)
    • These sensors will give you the best price and performance across several standard and custom configurations and are ideal for applications such as process control and monitoring systems, medical devices, HVAC systems, marine, aircraft and avionics systems, environmental monitoring; fresh and waste water measurements, pressure transmitters.

    Pressure switches

    Used within a variety of industrial and technical processes, pressure switches are pre-set to open or close a switch contact once a rising or falling pressure is reached. Unlike other types of differential pressure sensors, a pressure switch is set to a limit and will ‘switch’ or break an electrical circuit once this is reached. Depending upon your desired application, the limit of these switches is adjustable and are often used along with a transducer.

    We feature a range of durable, fast and repeatable pressure switches from Variohm Eurosensor, with a patented dual diaphragm / dual contact design that offers extra protection against false actuation due to shock and vibration as are fitted with an AMP superseal connector for straightforward installation.

    Typical features of these switches include:

    • High long-term stability
    • Extended temperature sensor ranges
    • IP67 protection
    • High precision for reliability
    • High resistance to shock and vibration
    • Quick response times

    Suited to many applications such as HVAC, boiler controls, medical equipment, coffee machines, refrigerators and other white goods.

    Pressure transducers and transmitters

    Pressure transducers and transmitters

    The terms “pressure transducer” and “pressure transmitter” are used interchangeably, but these two devices are technically different. A transducer measures pressure, load, force, or other states, and converts the reading into an electronic signal. While a pressure transmitter will also amplify, modify, and send that signal. Making sure you choose the one with the right output signal is what’s important when choosing between them.

    Our high-quality range of transducers, transmitters and sensor technology, intended for the measurement of gases and liquids, are from the best and most reliable manufacturers in the industry. Offering rugged devices built with quality stainless steel wetted parts, available in several accuracy levels and hermetic integrity for more confidence in demanding applications as the chance of leakage is reduced – enhancing their reliability.

    These are suitable across oil and gas, automotive, industrial hydraulics, refrigeration, and construction applications and will typically give you:

    • High strength & Pressure ranges from 0.10mbar to 0.4000bar
    • Minimal drift
    • Rugged and durable designs for harsh high temperature/moisture/shock environments
    • High performance – fast, accurate, stable and reliable
    • Wide operating temperature range from -45°c – 200°c
    • Custom design options and measurement ranges available

    These sensor solutions also give you options for improved chemical resistance and additional EMI/RFI protection for low static and thermal errors as well as protective housings and options with no silicone or O-rings.

    IoT Technology Centre

    Our IoT and Wireless Technology Centre will advance your ability to deliver innovative technology solutions for complex applications – from sensors to the cloud.

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    Creating custom solutions and navigating adding challenging connectivity to an application requires specialist expertise and capabilities. Our team of hardware design and software application engineers have extensive experience, ensuring we can bring your concept to life.

    Covering proof of concept and feasibility studies for development, through to working prototype realisation and initial production management, our team delivers you complete project support.

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    When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

    Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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