Light modulation

Light modulation

Laser and light modulation allows you to control a set of parameters including angle, power, phase, polarisation, frequency, and many more. Whilst there are several technologies available in the marketplace which allow for laser beam control, there is a lack of awareness of technical solutions available and their respective benefits and drawbacks. We have a team of expert engineers who can help you find the best solution that meets your specific needs. A laser modulation system can significantly improve performance in many electro-optic applications, each having specific needs. There are plenty of reasons why you should select a laser beam module, some of which include:

  • Laser material processing or microscopy requires controlling the position of the laser beam and, in most instances, the laser power (either continuously or on/off)
  • Laser light shows and projection systems require control of the angle and on/off operation
  • Pulsed Solid-State Laser manufacturers require active loss control inside the cavity (Q-Switching)

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Acoustic optics


In an acousto-optic device (or Bragg cell), a crystal subjected to an ultrasonic wave (generated by a piezo transducer driven by an RF signal) behaves like an electronically controlled grating, deflecting a laser beam passing through the device. Both the deflection efficiency and the separation angle can be actively controlled by the RF signal power and frequency respectively.

The largest volume for acousto-optic devices today is for use as a Q-Switch. Solid-state laser systems utilise intra-cavity acousto-optic Q-switching to generate high-repetition-rate pulse trains, for both industrial lasers and military applications. Depending on the exact requirements, Q-switches can be made from all commonly used acousto-optic materials (Fused Silica, Quartz, TeO2, etc).

Photoelastic light modulators

Photoelastic light modulators

Photoelastic modulators (PEMs) are a key component across a diverse range of photonic applications. PEMs change the polarisation state of a light beam at frequencies between 20 and 100 kHz. The photoelastic effect is used to change the birefringence of the optical element in the photoelastic modulator. The following includes applications where PEM components and systems are widely used to solve complex and demanding optical polarisation measurement challenges:

  • Polarisation measurement - astronomical polarisation, birefringence, dichroism, attenuation, ellipsometry, extinction ratio, Faraday rotation, fluorescence, optical chopping, Kerr constant, magneto-optic Kerr effect, PM IRRAS, and polarisation extinction
  • Ratio, polarisation scrambling, reflection difference/ anisotropy spectroscopy, rheology, scattering media, stress measurement
  • Optical lithography (DUV bi-refringence)
  • Lens measurement (discrete optic curved surfaces)
  • Thin Films (Birefringence Measurement, MOKE, PM-IRRAS)
  • Fibre/ laser crystals/ optical metrology (extinction ratio, polarisation extinction ratio, S. polarimetry, waveplate measurement, SOP/ DOP)
Galvanometer scanners and shutters

Galvanometer scanners and shutters

Optical shutters play a crucial role in cameras, microscopes, laser systems, and any application needing highly accurate control of the level of light exposure to an optical lens or lens system. From thermography to laboratory research and lasers, designers must match custom or off-the-shelf shutters to the requirements of the application.

Whatever your shutter needs, we have a wide portfolio of automatically controlled shutters that can be opened or closed to control the level of light that passes through the aperture. Our range of shutters effectively manages the level of light transmission and can be easily adjusted or maintained for repeated implementation. When choosing the best-suited shutter for your application we can support you throughout the selection process. We understand key considerations such as blade coating, speed, lifecycle and reliability, power, noise, physical size requirements, and ensuring the right shutter is used for the right environment and device. We also offer a specialist range of galvanometer scanners. These highly dynamic electro-optical components use a rotatable low-inertia mirror to position a laser beam with high precision and repeatability.

Typically used for laser-beam steering or scanning, these galvanometer scanners are ideal for material processing, laser light shows, manufacturing, and more. Our galvanometer scanners have a range of benefits including:

  • Fast and precise optical scanning with each motor optimised for a range of mirror sizes
  • Fast motor speeds delivering low drift and long-term stability
  • Superior precision and accuracy that ensures high-quality scanning output
  • A range of aperture sizes and mirror coatings
  • A large choice of wavelength from UV to IR
  • Small footprint - ensuring easy integration for small spaces

Whatever your shutter or galvanometer scanner requirements, we have the right technical expertise and range of highly specialised, cutting-edge technology to support your application design needs.

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