Custom cable assemblies

Custom cable assemblies

Design-led approach

We have decades of experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of custom cable assemblies, harnesses, and flexes. Combined with our comprehensive portfolio of leading cable and circular connector technologies means that we deliver the best interconnect systems for your application. We assist at all stages of your project from helping you source the right components, to complete design services, all backed by our long-established expertise.

Within our Interconnect and Cable Assembly Technology Centre we have our own AS9100/ISO9001 manufacturing facilities. We can match your individual requirements and help reduce your build times and deliver an improved quality of assembly. Specialising in copper cables, fibre optic, hybrid and power cabling technology, and a wide range of manufacturing services.

Our custom cable assembly solutions provide application-ready, tested solutions that are standards-compliant. We also have in-house capability to produce options such as over-moulding, customised shielding assembly and the use of innovative wires and cables.

Other services include:

  • Manufactured to your specifications – we can often source alternatives which are backwards compatible with many leading brands at a more cost-effective price, MOQ or delivery time
  • We are able to design custom cables assemblies to meet the most demanding of applications
  • Fully tested – all assemblies and harnesses will be tested for continuity and shorts, giving you the confidence that will enable you to install directly
  • Additional testing can be done in accordance with your specific applications
  • We can provide samples and demo kits, design consultancy and facilities for pre-EMC compliance testing, to accelerate and smooth your product development process
  • We also offer complete maintenance and repair services, so that you know your system is in safe hands

To discuss any specific cable and connector requirements or to arrange a visit from our technical sales team, please contact us.

Our technologies

Discover our range of technologies


Solder, crimp and insulation displacement connectors (IDC)

Crimping, soldering and IDC produce high-performing, long-lasting cable connections.

Crimping forms an air-tight seal between the cable and connector, forming protection from moisture, dirt and debris and generally offers strong, reliable connections. With many traditional solder connector terminations now supplemented by a high reliability vibration resistant crimp termination. IDC connector systems offer mass termination removing the need to strip, solder or crimp each wire individually.

We offer a range of these termination options across interconnect solutions including solder terminals, crimp contacts and insulation displacement (IDC) for mass termination.

Over moulded connector assembly

Over moulded connector assembly

Over moulding provides an effective method of increasing the strength and protection to a circular connector lead assembly. It includes increased strain relief, biocompatibility and improved ergonomics and IP (ingress) protection which has led to increased use of this capability within demanding markets such as automotive, industrial and medical.

Providing you with a unique combination of off the shelf and custom assembly capabilities – you have access to connectors from industry leaders such as Hirose and Amphenol sourcing a wide range of miniature, industrial and circular connectors which can then be incorporated into bespoke over moulded assemblies.

We can assist you with specific over-moulding requirements with our own in-house capabilities for a wide variety of over-moulded cable solutions.

Coaxial cables

Coaxial cable interconnect

These durable and easy to install interconnect solutions are mainly used to connect antenna facilities and transmitting RF signals. There are a few different types that vary by gauge and impedance with transmission speeds of up to 10Mbps.

We offer adaptors, terminators, and custom cable assemblies from leading manufacturers, with sizes ranging from microminiature UFL and MMCX through to TNC and UHF and qualified, as well as automotive specific products and high-performance microwave cable assemblies.

Other options include, a customised hybrid interconnect solution including signal and coaxial, as well a rigid or semi-rigid coaxial cable for high frequency applications and ruggedised coaxial cable assemblies for outdoor applications for high performances in temperature extremes, UV, or long exposition to moisture or immersion.

Flat ribbon cables

Flat ribbon cables

Used within high density electronic systems where high flexibility is required, flexible circuit interconnection systems offer many advantages over round cable systems where space and weight should be considered.

Flexible flat cable (FFC) -These cables usually consist of a plastic film, to which multiple metallic connectors are bonded and the spacing between each connector is referred to as the ‘pitch’.

Wide range of FFC options:

  • Shielded or non-shielded
  • In 0.5mm and 1.0 mm pitch
  • From 4 to 60 pts with customised lengths
  • Our FFCs all use a UL certified dielectric
  • Compatible with High-Speed signals (USB 2.0, LVDS, etc.)
  • Static or dynamic applications are available
  • Manufactured with ergo or notch to ensure compatibility with all connector options

Flexible printed circuit (FPC) – These allow a fully customised inter-connections where space, weight and complex path are required. Components such as IC, circular connectors, chips, LEDs can also be integrated to the FPC.

These are extremely reliable in high vibration, controlled impedance and dynamic flexing applications and these are available in many different options including, single and double sided, multi-layer, rigid, unshielded and over moulded.

The shifting currents of the electric vehicle charging market

Smart custom cable assemblies

Smart cable assemblies incorporate encapsulated electronics including PCB’s, active and passive components. Also known as an intelligent cable, the circuit enables additional functionality ranging from protection to conversion of signals from one standard to another.

Smart cables also offer cost-effective interconnect solution enabling integration of components within a cable assembly in one discrete package and bring a reduction in weight and space that can be of great advantage for smaller devices within applications such as medical.

Rail Hybrid

Ruggedised and harsh environment assemblies

Cutting edge connector technology integrated into bespoke cable assemblies and harnesses, featuring industrial, military and commercial approved circular connector systems.

The ruggedised cable assembly range features corrosion resistance, sealing, vibration resistance, robust construction and proven technology as used in the most extreme environments, including the following areas:

  • Defence and aerospace
    – Approved assembly partner to Amphenol Ltd for over 50 years, we specify, configure, assemble and release circular connectors to meet MIL-DTL-38999, MS, PAN and JN approvals.
  • Ruggedised and harsh environment
    – Industrial and military approved or proprietary circular connector solutions for assured reliability in extreme environments.
  • Environmentally sealed
    – Plastic, marine bronze and stainless-steel salt-spray corrosion-resistant connectors and cable assemblies; offering sealing from IP6x through to full hermetic.

Our Interconnect and Cable Assembly Technology Centre ensures we're equipped to solve your cable and connector challenges with cutting-edge capabilities and specialist knowledge.

Interconnect Technology Centre

When you’re looking for the integration of standard copper, fibre, power or specialist hybrid cables with custom connectors, our facility is on hand to support you with the design, assembly and approvals for your customised solutions.

Deliver the best interconnection systems for your application, whether your requirements are high or low volume, a brand-new need or modifying an existing product, we can support you.

Our approach

When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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