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For specific measurement applications, you do not have to decide which hardware and software options you need along with a Keysight oscilloscope. Now, oscilloscope-bundles are available for specific measurement applications like automotive test & debug, power supply characterization & testing, and high-speed signal integrity/jitter testing. These bundles are pre-configured oscilloscopes including the necessary applications and probes. You can simply choose the one that best fits your measurement application & budget and save 25% off the list price relative to purchasing the same items individually.

 InfiniiVision X-Series Bundle

10% off between January 1, 2022 – March 31, 2022

A very popular accessory for Customers who need to easily connect to GBIP instruments from a USB port; no switches, no PC cards and no external power supplies required.

Features include:

  • Easy connection – plug-and-play interface
  • USB 2.0 interface (USB 1.1 compatible) and IEEE-488 interface (connect up to 14 GPIB instruments)
  • High-speed - transfer over 1.15MB/sec

Datasheet: https://www.keysight.com/us/en/assets/7018-01270/data-sheets/5989-1889.pdf


You will be rewarded with the Keysight U1733C LCR Meter as your companion device to complement your purchase of each new Keysight Power Source product. The convenience of quick validation & component measurement for users at the grasp of a hand can be achieved without the need of a bench instrument.

Qualifying products are: 

  • B2901B, B2902B, B2911B, B2912B source measure unit
  • B2961B, B2962B low noise power source
  • N6702C low-profile modular power system mainframe or N6705C DC power analyser 
  • E36233A and E36234A dual-output power supply
  • E36313A triple-output power supply

Promotion is valid until May 31 2022.