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Electronic test and measurement

Together, with our strategic partners, we are proud to offer a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, test and measurement expertise, and support throughout the entirety of your project.

With our broad test and measurement portfolio, we are driven to deliver technology solutions in electronic design, test, and manufacturing. We strive to help you overcome barriers to innovation and transform your development processes, so you can be the first and best in your market.

Measurement expertise

Our experts have strong technical knowledge and experience in the test and measurement industry. Furthermore, they bring a strong international diversified background and network. You can expect a thorough product presentation and an in-depth demonstration. They are ready to help you make the right technical choice for your unique application.

Application solutions

We have a strong and growing partner network of measurement technologies and services to provide you with desired application solutions. We have the flexibility to offer you turnkey solutions, which may consist of hardware, application software, and any necessary accessories. If you do not have the expertise to write custom software, or you simply do not have the time to do so, we can help and provide customised software for your application.


Service and support

We can assist you with technical support and services such as training, calibration, and repair. To save costs, you can contact us for refurbished equipment - which is used and tested products with a warranty. For flexibility, we also offer rental solutions if the equipment is needed for a project or a limited timeframe. Our technical engineers are located across the Benelux to ensure responsiveness and reach customers onsite with short notice.

Special offers from our suppliers

Our technologies

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Power Supplies from Keysight for Industrial Applications

Power supplies and sources

Our range of advanced power supplies and sources address the challenges of today’s market. This technology can be utilised either on a bench or in a system, ensuring suitability for almost any requirements.

Our power supplies and sources portfolio includes DC power supplies, AC power sources and analysers, DC electronic loads, source measure units, noise sources, and power quality solutions.



An expansive range of oscilloscopes, probes, and accessories for measuring voltage against time. This technology focuses on providing you with real-time data, fast and accurately, enabling you to meet your project objectives with ease.

Our oscilloscopes can be paired with high-quality probes and accessories to enhance the performance of your solution.



From providing insights to delivering high performance and waveform accuracy, our diverse range of generators is made up of leading-edge technologies from our strategic partners. These consist of function/arbitrary waveform generators, pulse generators, and signal generators.

Test and Measurement - Meters


With usability in a multitude of markets, our portfolio of test and measurement meters addresses the challenges faced in almost any application, no matter how complex the environment is.

The range includes digital multimeters, handheld measurement instruments, data acquisition solutions, frequency counters, source measure units, impedance and LCR meters, power meters and sensors, Femto-picoammeter and electrometer / high resistance meters, and safety testers (Hi-Pot).

Test and Measurement - Analysers


Our portfolio of analyser technology meets today's and tomorrow’s requirements of high accuracy, maximum versatility, whilst as a plug-and-play solution for ease of use and readiness. This technology includes a selection of spectrum analysers, network analysers, EMC pre-compliance testing instruments, and TV and video test instruments.

Test and Measurement - Time and Frequency products

Time and frequency instruments

Our relationships with strategic partners enable us to offer a specialist range of time and frequency instruments that provide quality, performance, and reliability for any project. These test and measurement instruments consist of frequency standards, frequency counters, and distribution amplifiers.

Test and measurement - probe stations

Probe stations and probing solutions

We work with leading strategic partners to offer two kinds of probing solutions – probe stations for measuring electrical characteristics of microelectronic devices under test, and EMProbe for identifying and resolving EMC/EMI issues on PCBs, systems, and subsystems. These solutions can be paired with a range of services and support to ensure you are provided with the best-suited technology for your unique requirements.

Test and Measurement - Scientific Instruments

Scientific instruments

Our scientific instruments are test solutions for accurately measuring, analysing, and testing within a multitude of environments.

Our portfolio of scientific instruments includes digital delay generators, gas analysis instruments, gated integrators, laser diode controllers, lock-in amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, optical shutter systems, photon counters, small instrumentation modules (SIM), and special function test and measurement instruments.

Test and Measurement - Electrostatic products

Electrostatic instruments

Our contacting and non-contacting electrostatic voltmeter instruments are high-performance devices that provide outstanding measurement speed and accuracy along with high surface resolution and no arc over. The voltmeter probes are designed to be less sensitive to dust/particulates, enabling usage in diverse applications. Probe options include high temperature, high sensitivity, high resolution, transparent, miniature, and vacuum-friendly designs. Options also exist for probe aperture size, end/side view detection, and body shape.

Electrostatic voltmeters are ideally suited for use in critical operations associated with electrophotography, semiconductor, LCD, and other processes where voltages need to be precisely measured and controlled for process optimisation, or where charge accumulation (and electrostatic discharge events) pose a threat to production yields or product quality. By placing the instruments online within a process, real-time feedback and control are possible, unlike contact-measurement instruments.

High voltage power supplies

High voltage power supplies

Our long-standing relationships with specialist high voltage strategic partners allow us to offer an unmatched range of high voltage power supplies, coupled with a wealth of expertise, in-house and from our partners. This technology covers high voltage amplifiers and piezo drivers, all of which can be applied to a variety of market applications.

When applying this technology to your unique application, we can provide a raft of value-add services and design capabilities through our Power Supply Technology Centre to ensure that your high voltage power supply design is optimised to your project requirements, no matter how challenging.

Radio frequency and microwave test accessories

Radio frequency and microwave test accessories

For most of your radio frequency and microwave measurement needs, we supply high-quality radio frequency and microwave test accessories for every connection. Our accessories support up to 67GHz, giving you the best possible measurement results. They are the best-in-class solutions designed to operate within a highly diverse range of applications.

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When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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