Thermal management / EMI shielding

Thermal management / EMI shielding

Intelligent technical applications need sophisticated solutions for managing electromagnetic interference (EMI). Whatever your EMI needs, we have the solution to help you mitigate against EMI noise interference for optimal application performance.

With the exponential growth of connected devices from industrial automation to low power “things”, it is increasingly difficult to avoid Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), which could disrupt systems, cause inaccurate readings, and even physical damage to equipment. As electronic devices become ever more complex and international standards requiring more challenging immunity targets, technology engineers are always looking for the most powerful methods to mitigate EMI issues. Ensuring your devices can manage electromagnetic interference or EMI noise coming from connecting cables is a key aspect of a successful technical design.

We work with world-leading manufacturers to supply the very latest in EMI RFI shielding solutions which can be based on magnetic components like single high permeable cores or common mode chokes, but also on metal parts, conductive foams, elastomers, and microwave absorbers. We can support you at every stage of your technical design process to ensure that your application can effectively be immune to any noise or avoid disturbing other equipment around.

There are a range of different strategies that can be applied in the field of EMI shielding dependent on the technical design stage.

The easiest are small ferrites or common mode chokes on PCB or single shields around semiconductors that are the source of undesired energy. The most complex are the measurements taken during the final approval stages of your product design by certification centers. In this stage when designers are unable to change designs, we can still help with cost-effective solutions and fast deliveries.

We can also support with pre-compliance immunity measurements inside our EMC facility. Here you can work side by side with our experts to validate your design concepts.

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Metal parts

Metal parts

Metal parts are typically used to create a good electrical connection with very low contact resistance between different parts of applications. This allows unwanted energy to flow on surfaces without passing through and reaching the electronic circuitry. In other words, these metal parts are used to create a Faraday Gauge. Contact springs and pads are also used to distributed electrical signals between different parts of the application, for example, they can connect batteries to power supply entry points of the circuit in a design.

Our wide range of metal parts can be applied to a wide range and reach of application and market and typical applications include:

  • Battery contacts
  • Board level shielding’s to protect single semiconductor circuits
  • Cabinet doors
  • Board to board signal propagation
EMI shielding materials

EMI shielding materials

Materials used to reduce the electrical contact resistance between adjacent mechanical parts of products, improving the feature of metal enclosures to create a barrier to the diffusion of unwanted electromagnetic energy in both directions (from the external environment to electronics inside a device or from a device to the rest of the environment). Shielding materials can be used across any industry, especially where the installation of electronics is housed in cabinets or enclosures which benefit from reduced electrical contact. These materials are also used to shield rooms or complete spaces to immune test environments from EMI, for example, surgical theatres. Another interesting application is the creation of a barrier to prevent signals from antennas are not directed towards undesired locations. As EMI shielding materials can be designed at any phase of the development process, they represent an easy component to protect your application.

  • Fabric/ foil over foam
  • Conductive foams, fabrics, or fleeces
  • Conductive elastomers
  • Conductive tapes
  • Amorphous metal foils
RF-microwave absorbers / dielectric

RF-microwave absorbers / dielectric

Microwave absorbers and mm-wave absorbers in various configurations reduce the negative effects of radiated energy, ideal for free space, cavity resonance, and near field applications.  This technology includes low-loss dielectric materials such as filled polymers. Moulded elastomeric and thermoplastic, reticulated foam, along with textile and liquids are also available.

Microwave absorbing gap fillers lower noise and open a thermal path. Hybrid absorbers in interface configurations resolve compliance issues at minimum deflection force. Ruggedised specialty microwave and custom magnetic absorbers are ideal for use in harsh conditions on land, sea, and air. Elastomers and films net good EMI shielded enclosures from low to high frequencies and solve internal cavity resonance issues up to the mm range. The extensive frequency range covered by this technology is from MHz to more than 100GHz.

  • Low loss dielectric
  • Microwave absorbing foams
  • Elastomer and films
  • Hybrid absorbers
  • Magnetics absorbers injection moulded
EMI filters

EMI filters

EMI filters are products made of magnetic inductors and capacitors assembled in a metal box able to reduce electromagnetic energy propagated through power lines (mainly AC). They can be single-phase or tri-phase and are able to work with universal AC voltage ranges.

Within our range of EMI shielding filters, we have a line of DC filters for a wide range of applications including military/ aeronautical, medical, high frequency/microwave, communications, and industrial. To ensure robust and reliable performance, these filters are offered in the categories of resin sealed, hermetic sealed, and solder-in and screwed into panels of your application for the perfect performance.

Typical applications for AC filters include power supplies, drives for automation, medical equipment, energy storage systems (UPS), coffee machines, and vending machines.

Cores and common and differential mode chokes

Cores and common and differential mode chokes

Pair cables used to distribute power to electronics or electric engines, bring common mode noise which can interfere in the performances of electronic circuits or can destroy moving elements of engines with parasitic currents. Soft magnetic cores and magnetic inductors (both differential mode and common mode) can be used to effectively conduct and reduce unwanted energy, converting it to heat which is then dissipated in the environment. Our solutions are suitable across all markets and applications and with the widest possible choice of materials, it is only a matter of your design and preference in terms of the solution that can be provided.

  • Cable ferrites
  • High permeable ferrite cores
  • Nanocrystalline cores
  • Differential mode inductors
  • Common mode inductors based on ferrite cores or nanocrystalline cores
Thermal interface materials

Thermal interface materials

The most intolerable factor for electronic components is heat, leading circuits to facilitate uncontrolled energy radiations (EMI).  Our world-class range of thermally conductive products (TCP) and interface materials are used to reduce the thermal resistance between different parts of an application, creating a path for the heat to spread out a critical point.

There are different classes of thermal interface materials which have different features. Examples include absorbing mechanical profiles removing air in between, allowing heat transfer while keeping the galvanic insulation, sticking two surfaces together without the need of screws, filling the smallest interfaces to remove air which is the worst thermal conductor. Heat removal is one of the most common issues across all industries and applications, meaning our range of products are suitable across any number of applications in a wide range of industries. Our products are robust and reliable making them suitable for extreme or harsh environments.

  • Gap fillers and pads
  • Thermally conductive insulators
  • Thermally conductive tapes
  • Phase change materials
  • Thermally conductive pastes
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With the largest team of technical support specialists in Europe, we are at the forefront of a design led approach to delivering challenging and custom solutions for magnetic cores or components for production.

Whether your need is simple or complex, we can develop a solution to achieve your goals. With in- house experts we can design, develop and test prototypes that meet performance and environmental requirements of your application.

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When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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