Our approach

Our approach

Our approach to complex solutions.

Through a consultative, design-led approach we’re enhancing the technological solutions we develop with our customers.

Our specialist field and Technology Centre-based engineers are committed to constantly evolving our collective expertise and capabilities. This ensures that we’re able to effectively collaborate with our customers to design complex and custom solutions that meet a project’s specific requirements.

Together, we’ll overcome the challenges of tomorrow

We’re committed to working with you to develop custom solutions that enhance our technological future. Our approach to achieving this is simple: Consult. Design. Integrate. Like any approach, it requires the individual elements to function in unison with constant evolution. Our approach works effectively by combining the following three core elements.

Engineers – our team of engineers sit at the heart of our business. Whether they’re based in the field or in a Technology Centre, specialists in a particular technology or application, our engineers are central to your success.

Capabilities – the capabilities that our engineers possess are not only based on their expertise and experience but on the state-of-the-art facilities available to them to guide your technology through the project lifecycle.

Strategic partners – the relationships we have developed with our carefully chosen strategic partners ensures that we deliver solutions now and throughout the full lifecycle of your application.

Our Technology Centres are a pivotal part of our consultative, design-led approach. At each facility we have highly experienced industry experts in their respective fields. These engineers advance our expertise and develop our facilities to ensure that they remain at the forefront of technology advancements.

With this approach, engineers, capabilities, and strategic partners, and our Technology Centres to advance our ability to deliver innovative technology solutions, we’ll drive an enhanced technological future together.



We’re focused on collaborating with you to develop solutions that meet the specific requirements of their application or component.

With a blend of curiosity and innovation, our people are focused on understanding and integrating the latest technological advances. And the same values are applied to working with you – approaching challenges with an inquisitive and open mind before using our expertise and experiences to overcome the technical challenges.



Design is at the centre of our approach to developing complex solutions. Together, our technology and application-focused engineers are vastly experienced. Simply, they’re experts in identifying the right components to meet the needs of any project.

So, whether we’re modifying or creating custom components, or integrating standard components into a single solution – design is vital to any solution we create with our customers.



The integration of technologies, components, and teams is vital to any successful complex project. And we’re committed to supporting you across the lifecycle of a component or application. That’s why we’ll identify the right partners and components to meet the needs of your project.

We have engineers across every technology, each supported by a dedicated Technology Centre. They can call on our strategic partners to develop leading-edge components and manufacturing capabilities. By successfully integrating people, products, and processes, we’re sure to produce positive outcomes.

How can we help?

Technology Centres

When resource or capacity is limited, you can depend upon our knowledge and dedicated Technology Centres to support you from concept through to production.

We provide access to a large range of specialist services and capabilities across our specialist technologies, enabling you to build tailored solutions and bring your concept to reality. Discover how we can support you through our dedicated centres.

Our expertise and technology partners

Discover how our expertise and strategic partners support our approach

Our teams of highly-trained, specialist engineers cover a broad range of diverse technologies. By bringing our shared expertise and experiences together with those of our customers, we’re solving complex technical challenges in renewable energy.

The relationships we have with our strategic partners not only allow us to provide you the best components available to meet your requirements but opens opportunities for collaboration in the modification of products through their product experts.