Remote monitoring in open water

Remote monitoring is one of the greatest challenges faced by IoT system designers. Solutions are often required to operate in harsh environments with limited resources, and Thinnovation’s Remon solution was no different.

The challenges of open-water moorings

In every marina, there are only a limited number of shore moorings available, and securing one is a competitive, costly and time-consuming exercise. Therefore many owners choose (or are forced to use) cheaper, more readily available open-water moorings.

Whilst this solves one problem, it leads to others. With open-water moorings, owners cannot directly access their boat from the land nor can they monitor their vessel’s condition, which can quickly deteriorate if left unchecked. As boats typically remain stored for up to 90% of their lifetime, monitoring and maintenance is an essential part of boat ownership, therefore owners, understandably, much prefer shore moorings.

The result is marinas full of static boats, with marina operators unable to fully utilise the valuable land-side space available and owners frustrated by the cost, competition and compromise of mooring spaces.

Solving the issues by addressing owner concerns Thinnovation, an IT solutions and services provider, realised these issues could be resolved if owners were able to check and monitor the condition of their boat without physically being onboard.

The need for direct access would be greatly reduced, enabling more boats to be moored in open waters. When Thinnovation started to formulate its Remon remote monitoring solution, the team faced conflicting design requirements.

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