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Tewa have established themselves as a top tier NTC thermistor and temperature probe manufacturer. Their offering consists of high-quality, standard and customised thermistors and temperature probes at competitive prices.

Customisable temperature sensors

With almost half a century's experience in the electronics market, TEWA have established themselves as a top tier NTC thermistor and temperature probe manufacturer.

Partnering with Tewa means we can offer high-quality, standard and customised thermistors and temperature probes at competitive prices, and with their dynamic approach we can offer fast and flexible response times for samples and products - enabling you to get to market faster.

Customisable Solutions
With Tewa's excellent technology you have a wide range of typical sensors with plastic, metal or epoxy encapsulation including IP68 over-moulded probes that can be completely designed to your requirements

With Tewa, we can offer a fast turnaround of custom samples. To enquire, please get in touch.

TEWA focus on four cornerstones to ensure they exceed customers' expectations:

  • Engineering support - To ensure a complete sensing solution is provided to you
  • Innovation and technology improvement - Fully focused on customers’ requirements, they develop and manufacture products with creative ideas and innovative technology
  • Highest quality products - Offering the highest standards of reliability and control
  • Environmentally friendly - Offering products that meet the relevant quality and environmental standards

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Custom temperature sensors - TT4 series

Tewa offers a wide range of standard and customised temperature sensors designed according to individual customer requirements and applications in the temperature range between -200 °C and +600 °C. The TT4 Series covers temperature sensors using NTC/PTC thermistors, PTRTDs and other sensing elements.

Key Features:

  • Proven stability and reliability
  • Low cost
  • Variety of metal and plastic housing and tubings designed for specific applications
  • Potted with different kinds of resin for good sensor protection
  • Available with special cable types
  • Provides good protection from environmental conditions
  • Proven high voltage and dynamic strength
  • Wide range of resistance/temperature characteristics
  • Designed for temperature measurement, control, and compensation

For more information on this range, or to find out more about designing custom sensor probes and assemblies for demanding applications, or choosing the right sensor element, suitable housing, and appropriate cables and connectors to support your project, please contact us.


Over-moulded temperature sensors - TT0 Series

TTO series sensors are IP68 waterproof temperature probes encapsulated with thermoplastic elastomer materials in over moulding technology, specifically designed and dedicated for harsh environmental conditions.

High humidity levels, frequent freeze/thaw cycles or water may easily damage most conventional sensors. The over moulding technology used in the TT0 series guarantees an effective barrier against moisture ingress.

Excellent performance in extreme freeze-thaw conditions resulting from a wide choice of insulation material. The TTO over-moulded probes are a perfect solution for applications where the best waterproof and moisture protection is required. The probe is available in a wide range of standardized sizes and tolerances with a single, double or triple reinforced insulation. NTC, PTC, PtRTD versions are available.

Key Features:

  • Excellent insulation against moisture
  • Degree of waterproof protection IP68
  • Flexible size of tolerances (smallest tip diameter 4.5 mm)
  • Excellent resistance to UV (black insulation)
  • ROHS compliant and Halogen Free
  • Wide range of R/T characteristics
  • Marking possible on request
  • NTC and PTC thermistors, PtRTD versions are available
  • Cable remains flexible at minimum design temperature

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