Acal BFi and IOT747 Partnership to Improve IoT and Wireless Applications

Acal BFi, a company experienced in IoT and wireless solutions, and IOT747, a specialist in Bluetooth "Classic" and "Low Energy" audio modules, are joining forces. The shared goal is to push forward Bluetooth audio technology in the marketplace.

The partnership will combine Acal BFi's know-how in wireless communication and other IoT technology with IoT747's skills in Bluetooth audio modules. As a result, customers will have access to a wide variety of products and services, from wireless audio solutions and sensor networks to IoT platforms.

The combined efforts of the two companies will make the latest technology more accessible and user-friendly. Customers can also benefit from technical support and consulting services to get the most out of their new technology.

"We're keen to start working with IOT747," said Matthias Beuther, Business Development Manager at Acal BFi. "With their expertise in Bluetooth audio technology and our experience in wireless solutions, we're set to offer an even more comprehensive service to our customers."

"Teaming up with Acal BFi opens up new opportunities," added Rafik Jallad, Director of Sales at IOT747. "With IDC747 and IDC777 new features such as Multi-Connection, Receive and Transmit, Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound © with Lossless Audio and LE Audio -including Bluetooth Broadcast (Auracast) and LC3 Codec-, we a can develop IoT and wireless tech for new markets and create innovative products."

Work will begin immediately, with both companies keen to develop new applications and services. The main goal of the partnership is to promote progress and expansion in the IoT and wireless industry.

About Acal BFi: With over 25 years of experience, Acal BFi is a solid provider of IoT and wireless solutions. Their services range from wireless audio solutions to sensor networks and IoT platforms.

About IOT747: IOT747 is a trusted provider of Bluetooth "Classic" and "Low Energy" audio modules. Their products and services include Bluetooth audio modules, audio software development kits, and consulting services

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