Broadband Light source for VIS-NIR, 400nm-4µm, MIR 1-25µm

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Manufacturer ARCoptix


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The Arcoptix ArcLight NIR & IR are versatile lamps optimised for the VIS-NIR (400 nm – 4,000 nm) or MIR (1-25µm) spectral ranges. The lamps feature an electronically stabilized power supply, a variable mechanical attenuator, and are supplied with a removable fiber coupler enabling free-space of fiber-coupled operation.

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  • Near and Mid-infrared versions available (0.4-4µm or 1-25µm)
  • Electronically stabilized
  • Brightest available lamps
  • With mechanical intensity attenuator
  • Free-space or fiber-coupled operation (removable fiber coupler)
Models ARCLight NIR ARCLight MIR
Spectral range 0.4 to 4µm 1-25µm
Lamp type QTH (halogen) SiC globar
Spectral Range [cm-1] 25000-2500 10000 - 400
Temperature (K) 2850 1400
Lamp power (W) 5 or 20 20
Removable Fibre optic coupler NA = 0.25 BK7 lens NA = 0.3 gold-coated off-axis parabolic mirror