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Easy and accurate measurement of surface voltage

Acal BFi supply non-contacting voltmeters from Trek Inc, an acknowledged industry leader. Our customers benefit from the fact that our engineering staff are regularly trained by leading suppliers such as Trek, meaning we offer specialist expertise as well as product knowledge.

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Flip-chip diodes for mixer and detector applications

Acal BFi supply flip-chip Schottky diodes from Skyworks Solutions. As well as supplying components made by world leaders in technology, we work closely with those companies, shadowing their research and development. We explain to you exactly how the new technology works, and help you get the best out of it.

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Digital attenuators with high attenuation range and accuracy

As well as supplying attenuators made by the leading manufacturers, Acal BFi’s close working relationship with these companies means we know what product developments are in the pipeline. So our customers benefit from the latest developments, accessing the attenuators that best suit their needs.

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Quality products from world-leading suppliers

At Acal BFi we always choose the best supplier for your needs, guaranteeing the highest quality products. We also liaise with the manufacturer on your behalf, working to get everything absolutely right so that your project is a success – at design, prototype, pre-production and full-production run level.

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Attracted to magnetic components?

Acal BFi are the largest technical sales and distribution company in Europe for magnetic components. Our close relationships with world-class manufacturers mean we can help you source, customise, stock and integrate magnetic components for your project.

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Ethernet connectivity in one embedded solution

Acal BFi supply the latest technology to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible, including the Lantronix XPort and xPico embedded ethernet device servers. The xPico is the smallest embedded device server in the world.

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Shedding light on the situation

The Acal BFi Photonics team supply a full range of standard and customised light-shaping diffusers manufactured by Luminit, a world leader in holographic beam-shaping diffuser technology. Our engineers receive training from Luminit, which means we can offer you unrivalled market and product knowledge, allied to product-specific technical expertise.

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Field-proven rugged COM modules

When size and weight need to be reduced but performance maintained or improved, Acal BFi can offer small, low power, rugged COMs which are perfect for light-weight designs. Low power consumption increases efficiency and reduces cost, whilst built-in durability means you can rely on these devices to work in applications where repair or replacement is difficult.

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Acal BFi combine leading products with specific design expertise

When you are comparing technology suppliers, the expertise of Acal BFi’s trained field engineers can make all the difference. Along with our in-depth product knowledge, it’s a powerful combination. Our extensive product portfolio includes market leaders across the majority of standard buses and architectures, and we also bring more than two decades of experience to your design team.

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Deploy your ATCA system more quickly

Acal BFi work closely with industry-leading manufacturers such as Artesyn Embedded Technologies and Adlink. We supply a range of high-performance, high-bandwidth switch and processing blades for ATCA platforms. These blades are ideally suited to the most bandwidth-intensive telecoms applications such as LTE and the 4G network in general.

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Detecting magnetic fields with the Hall effect

Acal BFi supply many Hall-effect-based sensor solutions manufactured by Honeywell Sensing and Control, a world leader in sensor technology. We work closely with them to customise solutions that are best suited to your application. We can also add further value by adding cable harnesses, and from simple to complex connections.

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Motion sensors for all conditions – proven in combat

Acal BFi are working with our suppliers, including Colibrys, to make available cutting-edge technology to customers for use in industrial and military applications. We have the expertise to create customised sensor assemblies for each specific application, sometimes incorporating multiple sensors in one assembly.

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Status indicators – see the light

Whatever your status indicator needs, Acal BFi can fulfil them. Our range of products includes the very latest in indicator design, using a range of materials so you can find the perfect fit.

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Moving to GaN-based solutions could help you improve design performance

Gallium nitrate high-electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) are the next generation of RF-power-transistor technology. Working with Nitronex, a leading supplier in this field, Acal BFi can offer GaN-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si) devices, along with expert technical advice on how to move from one technology to the other without compromising design and performance.

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Solve your EMC problems with our filter range

Adding the right filter to your design at the right time will help to eliminate the need for on-board filter testing in your final application – saving you time and money. At Acal BFi we work with leading filter manufacturers to offer you a wide and versatile range of products.

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