Power supplies

Power supplies

Our competitively-priced power solutions support diverse applications in commercial, industrial, medical, and military sectors, ensuring suitability for both basic and stringent requirements.

Our expansive portfolio includes off-the-shelf standard power solutions with AC or DC input, DC to AC inverters, and power outputs ranging from 0.25W to 100kW+ for customised power units. Mechanical form factors encompass embedded open frame, PCB mount, enclosed options, as well as external AC-DC wall or desktop adapters.

For unique needs, we provide modified and bespoke industrial power solutions, considering total cost of ownership, lead times, and adherence to electronic, mechanical, and environmental criteria.

Our relationships with the industry’s most respected and innovative power supply manufacturers combined with in-house design and customisation capabilities mean that we can offer you a unique experience.  Within our Power Supply Technology Centre, we can combine our expertise with your vision to deliver you a solution that exceeds expectations. Our capabilities enable us to provide bespoke, modified standard, or fully custom power supplies to ensure all electrical and mechanical requirements are met.

We also offer pre-compliance testing and certifications as well as a raft of consultancy services to support all aspects of your project. Whether you are at the start of your project or further along in your journey, we can work closely with you to deliver design-led solutions tailored to your exact requirements, helping you to achieve the very best out of your power supply.

Our technologies

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Internal low-voltage power supplies are suited to a variety of applications in markets such as medical, industrial, radio communication, and test and measurement, where highly dependable and superior performing power supply is required.

Off-the-shelf form factors include; Open/ u-frame, Enclosed & Modular/ configurable power supplies

To reduce costs or add non-standard features to improve performance, we also offer modified and custom solutions to deliver the performance, efficiency, and reliability required for demanding environments.

These highly reliable external low-voltage power supplies excel in applications within medical, industrial, and test and measurement markets, and can operate in the most demanding conditions, ensuring the conversion of power is completely stable where equipment shutdown is not an option.

Our range of external power supplies consists of a variety of low-voltage wall mount and desktop products from our worldwide strategic partners.

Compact power-dense PCB power supplies are suitable for critical applications in demanding environments worldwide.

These PCB power supplies offer the capability to be mounted on the same PCB as the electronics that they are powering, helping to save space and making the mechanical design integration and production process smoother.

we can provide a PCB product to suit almost every requirement. Provided as a standard, modified, or bespoke PCB solution to fit your exact project requirements.

Industrially certified 19-inch rack mount and DIN rail power supplies. 

Providing a highly efficient, stackable solution for standard and high-power applications. Our selection of AC-DC DIN rail power supplies provides reliability as a solution for industrial and DC backup system applications.

This range can be heavily customised through our Power Supply Technology Centre for specific applications that require a solution outside of the standard rack mount or DIN rail power supply range.

SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) power controllers manage the power supplied to heaters, motors, and other electrical devices, offering precise control and modulation.

We provide a range of power controller solutions designed for industrial applications, ensuring precision and reliable power control. 

Standalone or integrated industrial uninterruptable power supplies performing as on-demand, instant-switch secondary power sources. These power supplies are suitable for operation in harsh military conditions and can withstand the most demanding power supply challenges.

The portfolio covers a range of AC-AC, AC-DC, DC-AC, and DC-DC technology from our worldwide strategic partners, with flexible customisation available when a standard uninterruptable power supply does not match your unique requirements.

Our range of industrial chargers is designed to perform strongly within the automotive sector, whilst offering dependability and efficiency in a compact solution. This technology consists of e-mobility solutions and battery and capacity chargers which can be applied in on-board and off-vehicle applications where fast charging is a mandatory requirement.

Modification to our external battery chargers is a capability that we can offer when supporting you throughout your project to ensure your solution is exactly matched to your unique requirements, especially if your project focuses on onboard electric vehicle charging.

We offer an unmatched range of high-voltage DC power supplies. This technology covers DC to high voltage DC conversion as well as high voltage amplifiers, all of which can be applied to a variety of market applications.

We can provide a raft of value-added services and design capabilities through our Power Supply Technology Centre to ensure that your high-voltage power supply design is optimised to your project requirements, no matter how challenging.

We offer a broad range of IPC industrial computer power supplies in a variety of form factors to suit a multitude of markets and unique requirements. These market-leading power supplies have a range of specialist features, making them extremely dependable and superior in performance.

The portfolio consists of CRPS, redundant/ N+1 swappable, and single-unit industrial PC power supplies. All of our IPC industrial computer products can be coupled with our in-house design expertise to ensure you get the most out of your power supply within your unique application.

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Power Supply Technology Centre

The ability of our engineers to continually deliver leading edge custom power supply solutions to you is propelled by the Power Supply Technology Centre.

Power supply Technology Centre


Every device needs power but with a huge variety of features and specifications available it can be difficult to determine the right product for you. With this service, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re looking to modify or configure a standard product, integrate it into a custom design, or design and modify a rack, chassis or PCB - we can support with the design, manufacturing, testing and integration of your tailored solution.

Our approach

When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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Technological expertise across your application lifecycle.

Solutions and expertise

Our solutions and expertise are centred around six key markets

Over the years we have built up considerable knowledge and knowhow, providing tailored solutions for our customers.

  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Industrial and Connectivity
  • Renewable energy
  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Security

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