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By advancing technologies together we enhance the diagnosis, treatment, and care available within the medical market.

Solutions in the medical sector need to be safe, long-lasting, and most importantly reliable. Through our custom and standard designs and thorough testing; we ensure all our solutions meet the strictest of medical standards.

The medical markets' focus on AI and its increasing reliance on IoT is demonstrated in the emergence of the IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) enabling a more holistic understanding of an individual patient’s needs. With increased data comes the need for increased data security and regulations. The medical market is understandably highly regulated for privacy, safety, and accuracy and with the extensive approvals required, the time taken to get to market can be lengthy. It is therefore important that we present solutions that are accurate and long-lasting in order to be cost-effective.

The demands of increasing patient expectations, care levels, and limited resources are also driving healthcare providers to use enhanced technological solutions to deliver their services. There are now a wide variety of applications where technology is becoming more sophisticated, from critical equipment to laboratory and general communication devices.

However, as digital transformation in medical technology continues to gain momentum, choosing the right solution is increasingly challenging for these specialised applications. Medical devices can collect additional invaluable data, delivering insight into symptoms and trends and give patients more control over treatments and remote care. We create precise healthcare solutions, serving more patients, reducing overall hospital visits, and improving costs. Our expert team of engineers can support your bespoke needs with our design-led approach.

With significant experience of working with our customers to develop medical applications that integrate a wide range of technologies, we’re well placed to create a solution that meets your needs – including the EN 60601-1’s standards. So, if you’re looking to power or connect your application, or integrate sensors, imaging, or magnetic components into your device, get in touch with our team today.

Enhancing the technologies used within the medical market to provide better experiences for patients and healthcare providers

Enhancing the technologies used within the medical market to provide better experiences for patients and healthcare providers.

Applying our design-led approach and specialist knowledge to the development of custom solutions for the medical market.

Creating enhanced technological solutions for the medical market

There are endless possibilities for how we can help you develop solutions that enhance our shared technological future. Here are just a few.

Medical Patient safe connections

Patient safe connections

When a patient is connected to a medical machine, their care and safety against electrical shocks is important, with a critical element inside this equipment being the transformer within the power supply. We support you in the selection of the best solution inside a machine or installation, adding our isolation transformers directly “in situ”.

Markets medical sleep patient monitoring

Patient monitoring

Our specialist knowledge of sensor technology enables us to deliver mission critical solutions to the medical market. These range from temperature sensors for drug delivery systems to pressure sensors for incubators, fall detection, sleep apnoea testing and wheelchair movement.

MOPP connectors

MOPP standard sockets

The need for multiple power outputs in wards and medical rooms means more power sockets are needed. To avoid accidents and improve safety, we can create specialised MOPP standard plug sockets for hospitals and clinical buildings.

Medical custom power supply units

Custom PSUs

To meet the medical industries often complex needs for power supply units we offer modified standard and fully custom solutions. We also specialise in providing back-up power solutions, and units that can be repaired or replaced whilst still being plugged in, to avoid any loss in power to any vital lifesaving machines.



Our expertise with lasers has helped us to create innovative custom design solutions in the field of cytometry. We are able to meet requirements for high functioning lasers, mirrors, and detectors to be installed in cytometry machines for blood analysis and to deliver high quality, long lasting components to further aid in the diagnosis sector.

Patient monitoring

Remote patient analysis

The opportunities for innovative wireless connected technologies in the medical market are huge. We support the delivery of medical devices designed to collect additional invaluable data, more insight into symptoms and trends and give patients more control over treatments and remote care.

Elevated body temperature detection

Elevated body temperature detection

We use our expertise in thermal imaging to develop a product that is able to detect or diagnose a virus. These devices have a long history of being used in public spaces, such as airports, train terminals, businesses, factories, and concerts, as an effective tool to measure skin surface temperature and identify individuals with an elevated body temperature (EBT).

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When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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Our teams of highly-trained, specialist engineers cover a broad range of diverse technologies. By bringing our shared expertise and experiences together with those of our customers, we’re solving complex technical challenges in renewable energy.

The relationships we have with our strategic partners not only allow us to provide you the best components available to meet your requirements but opens opportunities for collaboration in the modification of products through their product experts.

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