IPC industrial computer power supplies

IPC industrial computer power supplies

We provide off-the-shelf IPC industrial computer power supplies ranging from 120W to 3000W+ for applications in industrial and medical environments. These power supplies conform to industry-standard CRPS, ATX, Flex, Mini, Macro redundant, 1U, and 2U form factors with market-leading power densities of 75W per cubic inch. This technology offers long product life cycles and is designed to provide reliable operation and performance in diverse work environments, long working hours, high and low indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, vibration, and electromagnetic interference.

Our industrial PC power supply portfolio is suited to a variety of environments and is commonly utilised in security, monitoring, production and test, broadcast, communication, medical care, transportation, and industrial applications.

For projects requiring a customised IPC industrial computer solution due to the strict requirements of the environment you are designing into, our specialist team of design engineers and capabilities within our Power Supply Technology Centre enable us to support you through the entirety of your journey, right from the initial design phase through to production.

This unique offering ensures that the technology you choose exactly matches your unique application requirements as well as confidently knowing that it has been applied correctly and with the reassurance of after-sales support for any unforeseen problems that you need to overcome.

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CRPS power supplies

Common redundant power supplies (CRPS)

Industry-leading common redundant CRPS form factor power supplies ranging in power from 550W to 2600W. These power supplies provide flexible power conversion solutions for various hardware including computer, storage, networking, and Power over Ethernet (POE).

Our CRPS power supplies offer maximum flexibility and superior performance with power densities of 75W per cubic inch. They are available with full digital control and multiple input options, 90VAC to 264VAC or 48VDC voltage source, and AC+DC input mixed mode operation. The CRPS power supplies consist of housing and a backplane with at least two hot-swappable modules. During normal operation, each module equally shares the rated system load. If one module fails, the other takes over to handle the full load. These N+1 hot-swappable modules can be replaced without removing the power, thus maintaining an uninterrupted operation for when system downtime is not an option.

This CRPS range includes certification for 80 PLUS® Platinum Level efficiency, peaking at 94%, and offers low total harmonic current distortion, complying with EN61000-3-2 and additional safety standards EN 62368-1 and EN 60950.

Redundant / N+1 swappable power supplies

Redundant / N+1 swappable power supplies

AC input N+1, 1U, 2U, mini, or micro redundant power systems with silver, gold, and platinum efficiency levels featuring housing and backplane with at least two hot-swappable modules. Each of these modules equally shares the rated system load during normal operation. If one of the modules fails, the other takes over to handle the full load. These modules can be replaced without removing power, thus maintaining uninterrupted equipment operation when system downtime is not an option. Each hot-swappable module produces single 12VDC or multiple standard PC system voltages to meet recognised industry or customer system configuration demands.

For power computing system flexibility, these power solutions are available with custom output cable options. These cable options ensure correct cable length, connector type, and desired alarm. Some other design features of these redundant/ N+1 swappable power supply is current sharing, remote sensing, built-in active power factor correction (PFC), I2C & PMBus® interface, and meeting FCC, CISPR, and EMI regulations.

Single unit power supplies

Single unit power supplies

Our single industrial-grade PC power supplies are non-redundant power supplies in ATX, Flex, SFX, 1U, and 2U form factors. These power supply units are powered by 90VAC to 264VAC or 24VCD to 48VDC voltage sources and meet recognised industry or customer system configuration demands.

For the power supplies’ computing system flexibility, they provide customised output cable options to ensure you are fitted with the correct cable length, connector type, and desired alarm. Some additional features of these power solutions include 5000 metre operation, 0°C – 50°C operating range, built-in active power factor correction (PFC), remote sensing, I2C & PMBus® interface, and a low 35 dB fan noise option.

Single unit industrial PC power supplies are suitable for applications including automation, broadcast, digital signage, hemodialysis devices, MRI, military surveillance, security, and ultrasonic devices.

  • Industrial compliance – EN 62368-1
  • Medical compliance - EN 60601-1
Power Supply Technology Centre

The ability of our engineers to continually deliver leading edge custom power supply solutions to you is propelled by the Power Supply Technology Centre.

Power supply Technology Centre


Every device needs power but with a huge variety of features and specifications available it can be difficult to determine the right product for you. With this service, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re looking to modify or configure a standard product, integrate it into a custom design, or design and modify a rack, chassis or PCB - we can support with the design, manufacturing, testing and integration of your tailored solution.

Our approach

When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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