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With over 30 years of experience and an industry-leading range of embedded commercial off the shelf (COTS) single board computers, we provide the essential building blocks to enable the rapid development of high quality, reliable embedded solutions. This broad offering encompasses Computer on Module, VPX, cPCI, PXI/PXIe, PC/104, PCI/PCIe, Industrial motherboards, I/O and mezzanine cards.

Backed with in-house support from our experienced technical team and the reassurance that not only can we offer single boards, but can also provide guidance to assist with integration, design and certification enabling you to deliver multi-vendor platforms with peace of mind.

Essential building blocks for rapid development

Our strategic partners' solutions offer long lifecycles with 10-15 year lifespans, engineering change notices and end of life management to ensure your platform is available and supported for the future.

Our single board computer (SBC) offering addresses the widest range of vertical markets, including military and aerospace, medical, vision, commercial, rail, edge AI, robotics and industrial control.

All of our boards are designed to meet industry standards utilising ARM and Intel CPU’s, GPGPU’s and FPGA’s. This range gives the flexibility of cost optimised low power ARM-based modules, high power Xeon servers, through to high performance compute (HPC) solutions.

Our commercial-grade products support cost-sensitive applications, ideal for industrial control, signage and point of sale, but they also excel in medical and edge AI. The technology and capabilities we offer will address your upcoming design and provide you with the best-suited solution for delivering you success in your project.

Our rugged single board computers are coupled with wide temperature support and conduction and convection cooling with options for conformal coating. These perform in both rail and military harsh environments.

They are typically used in autonomous ground vehicles (AGV), unmanned air vehicles (UAV), and military (Sonar, Radar, SDR, etc) applications in air, land and sea where a military certified product is paramount.

A number of our boards are verified with Highly Accelerated Lifecycle Testing to ensure they are extremely durable and suitable for the harshest of environments.

The SBC’s also lend themselves to on train and trackside deployments with the comfort and knowledge that they are supported by EN50155 certification.


Our technologies

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We offer a range of industry-standard commercial off the shelf (COTS) Computer on Module solutions ideal for bespoke product design and fast time to market.

Based on a number of PICMG COM standards, our portfolio offers flexibility both in CPU performance and I/O requirements. Our leading strategic partners offer products in COM Express, SMARC, QSeven and ETX to address both cutting edge and legacy requirements.

All products are available with QuickStart Kits to aid development and accelerate the design phase of your project.



Our diverse range of Versatile Performance Switching standard (VPX) boards meets VITA 46. x VITA 48 and VITA 65, (COSI/VPX redi) open standards. The 3U/6U Eurocard form factor supports switched fabrics over a high-speed backplane interconnect. These products are aimed at embedded systems used in extreme and harsh environments where size, weight, and power (SWaP) are imperative.

VPX offers a rugged, reliable and class-leading technology for customers looking for mission-critical platforms. Our single board computer offering includes CPU’s, I/O with GPGPU and avionics databus support. We also provide carrier cards and multi-configurable options to build flexible I/O and complete systems. 





We offer a selection of modular Euro Card SBC’s with support for cPCI 2.0/2.3 standards. Ideally suited for rail, industrial and military applications, the CPU and I/O offering is supported for the long term with Intel CPU’s. Our specialist range of cPCI Serial and PlusIO products complement the range. A number of our cPCI products are available in wide temperature and conduction-cooled options for military and rugged applications.

Within our cPCI range, we also have RTM and I/O cards to allow rapid deployment of system-level solutions. These cards compliment the range of single board computers available in both 3U and 6U form factors. For complete system-level solutions, we offer extensive customisation and integration options to ensure your solution is matched to your exact requirements, with also custom certified platforms for both rail and military upon request.


I-O & MB

A class-leading range of industrial long life cycle motherboards varying from 1.8” through to extended ATX (including mini-ITX, ATX, 2.5”).

Utilising ARM and Intel CPU’s, our boards offer long-life support, enhanced with a robust range of industrial I/O solutions including machine vision, motion and industrial control, signal conditioning, and avionics buses.


Within the I-O & MB range, we also offer edge AI platforms (mini-ITX) with MXM GPGPU support and PCIe GPGPU card availability.

Behind these cutting edge products, we address legacy support for industrial PC’s using PCMIG passive backplanes and single-board computers (SBC’s).



A versatile range of easy to deploy, mature PC104 products that have been in production for over 25 years. PC104 offers support for Intel CPU’s and legacy I/O via PC/104 and PC/104plus boards. Recently introduced is a new range of PCIe/104 based platforms with GPGPU’s breathing new life into this resilient solution.

PC104 is tried and tested and is used in a wide range of markets from industrial control to military applications. Backed with a broad range of I/O cards including avionics data buses, communications and data acquisition, we can offer a comprehensive range ready to deploy for your unique application.



Our range of PCIe cards cover a vast range of basic to stringent requirements. If you are looking for traditional industrial PC solutions addressing data acquisition, communications, vision, and industrial control, we can source and build complete platforms. Our Embedded Technology Centre specialises in guiding our customers through the complicated technology selection maze and developing customised turnkey solutions for specific requirements. Complementing our traditional IPC offer, we provide GPGPU, avionics, FPGA and signal processing solutions. Our industry-leading strategic partners also offer mini PCIe cards with modular expansion, delivering truly flexible and configurable systems.

All products are built to industry standards, excel in harsh environments, and can be certified to allow ready to deploy integrated solutions.



Are you looking for a trusted partner with broad knowledge and capability in the PXIe/PXI test and measurement market? We work with industry-leading strategic partners with a comprehensive range of products and expertise to help deliver innovative solutions for unique applications.

Our strategic partners are members of the PXI systems alliance and have over 20 years of experience addressing high speed, high bandwidth applications.


The Embedded Computing Technology Centre drives advanced solutions, so you can deliver the technologies of tomorrow - today.


Design customer driven systems, build prototypes and manufacture products to meet your distinct needs. Many of the platform-based technologies that we offer were designed with customisation in mind.

Our capabilities help us to offer solutions across all stages of your project. Whether your requirements are standard, modified or highly customised, our experts support and identify your aims and work to ensure that we provide a solution that fits.

Our approach

When it comes to developing custom solutions for tomorrow's technologies, we trust our approach to deliver the best possible outcome.

Our engineers will skilfully guide you through each stage of your project, working with you to understand and identify a solution that meets your technical and commercial needs before designing and integrating your solution.



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Over the years we have built up considerable knowledge and knowhow, providing tailored solutions for our customers.

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