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Protect your designs from EMI

Acal BFi are building a reputation as the go-to company for engineers, product managers and system designers across a wide range of industries. We can now also offer a complete range of EMI protection products through our sister company MTC Micro Tech Components.

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25 years of experience in frequency control

Our frequency control portfolio never stands still. It is always evolving to include the latest devices and the most advanced technologies, allowing us to offer a comprehensive custom-design service for your most challenging application requirements.

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Precise devices that you can rely on

Acal BFi manage a wide-ranging portfolio of frequency-control products that help you get the best results from your system design. Using the latest and most reliable technologies from world-class suppliers, we work with you to find the perfect device for your project.

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ATCA products – ultra-reliable, flexible and scalable

Acal BFi’s full range of ATCA products help customers simplify and fast track the development of ultra-reliable ATCA systems. The range includes ATCA blades for high-performance processing, I/O, packet processing and storage, all with inherent interoperability and compliance to NEBS and ETSIA.

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Real time solutions for your telemetry challenges

Acal BFi supply TT&C (telemetry, tracking and control) systems manufactured by L3 Communications for use on the ground, in the air, and in space. L3’s world-leading technology has been proven in some of the most demanding environments imaginable, and is used in flight testing, weapons development and aerospace programmes, for agencies including NASA.

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An elegant I/O solution when space is at a premium

Military communications and processing subsystems need to be exceptionally tough and function in all conditions, while being as small and light as possible. Acal BFi supply solutions to these challenges in the form of multifunction, compact, rugged, embedded I/O units for aircraft, ships and military vehicles, with one card accommodating all communication and I/O functions.

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Ultrafast optics solutions for short-pulse laser chains

Acal BFi have the optical components and accessories you need for your femtosecond applications. Working with leaders in ultrashort optics technology, we can advise you and supply competitively priced components for immediate delivery for the most critical items.

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Selection and set-up of laser sources and laser diode modules

Innovations in laser-source technologies are driving the development of new applications in markets such as the food industry, material processing, research, medical and life sciences. Working closely with leading manufacturers ensures that Acal BFi’s team of photonics specialists has access to a broad choice of laser source technologies.

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State-of-the-art of power supply

Acal BFi’s expertise in power design, combined with a portfolio of innovative, state-of-the-art standard or custom power supplies, ensures that we can help you achieve new levels of power performance for your designs.

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Modulators that boost capacity

Skyworks Solutions have introduced three wideband fixed-gain quadrature modulators for cellular infrastructure and high-performance radio-link applications. By working closely with the leading component manufacturers in the UK and abroad, such as Skyworks Solutions, we can supply you with the best equipment and help you get the best out of your purchases.

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xPico – the most flexible embedded device server

Manufactured by Lantronix, the chip-sized xPico is recognised as the most advanced, easiest to use and fastest of its kind. Acal BFi supply development kits and modules, as well as unrivalled technical support, to aid quick and easy implementation of this world-class component.

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Quiet cooling technology

Acal BFi work closely with Comair Rotron, who use feathered blade technology to reduce the noises in their fans, resulting in an improved environment for those working with, near and around the end application.

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Acal BFi help extend the lifespan of VME

Acal BFi work closely with suppliers such as Artesyn Embedded Technologies, GE and North Atlantic Industries so we can help customers such as the military, aerospace, medicine, automation and railway engineers enhance and prolong the lives of their systems. We offer our customers assembly integration and testing.

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Configuring I/O with low-cost FPGA modules

Acal BFi’s embedded-computing specialists can help you find the FPGA module which mirrors the memory, I/O, speed, DSP power, ruggedisation, programming language and form factor of your application. Then we help you migrate processing tasks from your CPU to the FPGA module and get your board-level design onto the production line with minimum engineering time and risk.

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FPGA allows more agile decision making and increased effectiveness

FPGA (field programmable gate array) modules are flexible, fast and powerful. These advantages are causing their use to spread rapidly. Acal BFi’s in-depth knowledge and our close working relationship with manufacturers such as Acromag and TEW, gives our customers the edge when it comes to designing in these modules.

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Flip-chip diodes for mixer and detector applications

Acal BFi supply flip-chip Schottky diodes from Skyworks Solutions. As well as supplying components made by world leaders in technology, we work closely with those companies, shadowing their research and development. We explain to you exactly how the new technology works, and help you get the best out of it.

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