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State-of-the-art of power supply

Acal BFi’s expertise in power design, combined with a portfolio of innovative, state-of-the-art standard or custom power supplies, ensures that we can help you achieve new levels of power performance for your designs.

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Modulators that boost capacity

Skyworks Solutions have introduced three wideband fixed-gain quadrature modulators for cellular infrastructure and high-performance radio-link applications. By working closely with the leading component manufacturers in the UK and abroad, such as Skyworks Solutions, we can supply you with the best equipment and help you get the best out of your purchases.

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PIN diodes for high-power T/R switches

Design engineers increasingly need smaller, more effective devices that offer reliable characteristics. Manufacturers like Skyworks have been researching, developing and now supplying PIN diodes that use plastics, offering superior thermal properties and often in smaller packages. Specifically designed for high-power environments and available through Acal BFi, these switches have a number of advantages.

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Dual quad-core 6U Intel® Xeon® blades

The availability and continued support for Adlink’s cPCI-6920 6U cPCI blade helps reduce the cost of redeveloping a system around a different cPCI blade. In addition to supplying and offering expert design support for legacy blades, Acal BFi’s Embedded-processing team can also help you implement the latest generation of blades.

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Selection and set-up of laser sources and laser diode modules

Innovations in laser-source technologies are driving the development of new applications in markets such as the food industry, material processing, research, medical and life sciences. Working closely with leading manufacturers ensures that Acal BFi’s team of photonics specialists has access to a broad choice of laser source technologies.

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Best-in-class laser optical components

Wherever your design is positioned on the balance between lowest cost and highest performance, Acal BFi’s photonics expertise and our range of laser optical components, will help you meet your key technical and commercial objectives.

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Coating materials for optical fibre cables

Selecting optical fibre cabling is about more than just the fibres. The coating on the cable needs to be the right choice for your application. At Acal BFi we work closely with OFS, a world-class cabling manufacturer, and we have the understanding and expertise to combine these coating solutions to produce the best result for your project.

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Connector and cable expertise from start to finish

Acal BFi offer an end-to-end service for fibre-optic projects, combining our relationships with key suppliers and our own in-house expertise. This blend of products and services allows us to deliver a complete project to you, from concept to final production.

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A complete range of connectors

When you are looking for fibre-optic expertise, talk to Acal BFi. We have a reputation for excellence in this market, working with world-class brands to bring you a comprehensive range of products and services – everything you need to take your project from beginning to end.

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Rely on our technical experts to ensure fast, dependable support

Acal BFi offer local technical advice, support and guidance, ensuring you have access to the best technical solution for your needs. Our leading product portfolio means that we have access to the latest components as well as anticipated product releases, allowing us to give you the right guidance every time.

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Lighting for hazardous locations

Acal BFi work with leading brand Dialight to bring you a complete range of innovative lighting that meets required standards and incurs low running and maintenance costs, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

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Safe, affordable obstruction lighting

Acal BFi work closely with Dialight, a company that specialises in lighting solutions. Dialight produce a range of all-LED lights which have been designed to take the hassle out of obstruction lighting.

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Protect your designs from EMI

Acal BFi are building a reputation as the go-to company for engineers, product managers and system designers across a wide range of industries. We can now also offer a complete range of EMI protection products through our sister company MTC Micro Tech Components.

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