GPS Receiver Module, Nano Spider, Ultra small, fully integrated, high performance

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Manufacturer Origin GPS


Description :

Designed to support ultra-compact applications such as smart watches, wearable devices, trackers and digital cameras, Spider is a miniature GPS receiver that continuously tracks all satellites in view, providing real-time positioning data in standard NMEA format.

Fully integrated in a small form factor Measuring only 4.1×4.1×2.1mm, the Spider is a fully integrated GPS module. Unlike GPS modules of similar size, it includes LNA, SAW Filter, TCXO and RTC crystal as well as a power management unit.

Outstanding performance and sensitivity. The Spider module offers superior sensitivity and outstanding performance, achieving rapid time to first fix (TTFF) in less than one second, accuracy of approximately one meter, and tracking sensitivity of -163dBm.Low power consumption

Spider's architecture can detect changes in context, temperature, and satellite signals by maintaining and opportunistically updating its internal fine time, frequency, and ephemeris data, thereby achieving a state of near continuous availability, while consuming mere microwatts of battery power.

Technical Data :

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  • Autonomous operation
  • OriginGPS Noise Free Zone System (NFZ™) technology
  • Fully integrating: LNA, SAW Filter, TCXO, RTC Crystal, GPS SoC, Power Management Unit
  • Active or Passive antenna support
  • GPS L1 1575.42 frequency, C/A code
  • SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) and QZSS support
  • 48 channels
  • Ultra-high Sensitivity down to -163dBm enabling Indoor Tracking
  • TTFF of < 1s in 50% of trials under Hot Start conditions
  • Low Power Consumption of < 9mW in ATP™ mode
  • High Accuracy of < 2.5m in 50% of trials
  • High update rate of 5Hz, 1Hz by default
  • Autonomous A-GPS by Client Generated Extended Ephemeris (CGEE™) for non-networked devices
  • Predictive A-GPS by Server Generated Extended Ephemeris (SGEE™) for connected devices
  • Ephemeris Push™ for storing and loading broadcast ephemeris
  • Host controlled power saving mode
  • Self-managed low power modes - ATP™, PTF™, APM™ and SiRFAware™ MPM
  • Almanac Based Positioning (ABP™)
  • Multipath and cross-correlation mitigation
  • Active Jammer Detector and Remover
  • Fast Time Synchronization for rapid single satellite time solution
  • ARM7® microprocessor system
  • Selectable UART, SPI or I2C host interface
  • NMEA protocol by default, switchable into One Socket Protocol (OSP™)
  • Programmable baud rate and messages rate
  • 1PPS output
  • Antenna input DC blocked and matched 50Ω
  • Single voltage supply
  • Ultra-small LGA footprint of 4.1mm x 4.1mm
  • Surface Mount Device (SMD)
  • Optimized for automatic assembly and reflow processes
  • Operating from -40°C to +85°C
  • FCC, CE, VCCI certified
  • RoHS II/REACH compliant