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Santa Barbara Infrared designs and manufactures advanced infrared and electro-optical test instrumentation. They have a range of technology-leading, innovative products for testing military and commercial sensor systems and in laboratory, production, depot and field test applications.

Advanced infrared and opto-electronic technology

We partner with SBIR to offer well-engineered, cost-effective hardware and software solutions to customers across Europe. Their range includes testing equipment for infrared, laser, visible and dynamic scene projection applications.

Combining SBIR's infrared and electro-optical test instrumentation with our in-house expertise developed over 30 years, means we have the technology and design experience to help customers find the right product for their application.

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The Infinity series of blackbody radiation sources and extended area sources combine leading-edge technology with features that support the expanding test requirements of the latest high-performance sensors. SBIR designs the most stable, uniform, accurate, and highly emissive blackbodies available.

SBIR continues to offer blackbody systems that provide the test community with unequalled performance, reliability, and ease of integration into test systems.

SBIR's series of reflective infrared target projectors are turnkey test systems for electro-optical (E-O) testing of FLIRs and other infrared (IR) imaging systems. The standard target projectors are assembled from SBIR's STC series collimators, infinity blackbodies, and 300 Series Target Wheels. With the addition of IR Windows automated test software, SBIR's infrared and visible target projectors become fully integrated closed-loop automated hardware/software solutions.

  • Aperture sizes: 6", 8", 12"
  • Custom aperture available up to 30"
  • Focal length: 30", 40", 60"
  • Field of view: 5.7° - 2.86°

SBIR's integrating sphere systems are ultra uniform, highly accurate broadband light sources. Testing and calibration of CCD cameras, radiometers, photometers, and remote sensing systems are performed easily and accurately with this compact, rugged system. This range is designed to reduce test times and costs while improving the consistency and accuracy of test results.

  • Exit aperture diameter: 2.50" and 4"
  • Luminance output range: 10-3 - 3,000 fL
  • Luminance accuracy: ±1 x 10-4 fL or 2.5% of setpoint, whichever is greater
  • Uniformity: 98% over 20° FOV
  • Automated dark current measurement and compensation

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