Plate beam splitters

Plate Beam Splitters

ZnSe beam splitters split input light into transmitted beams and reflected beams.

Supplier: Wavelength Opto-Electronic

Technology type: Polarisation Optics

Wavelength Opto-Electronic designs Znse beam splitters that are based on various parameters such as incident angle, state of polarisation, and transmitted/reflected beam ratio. ZnSe beam splitters are suitable for CO2 laser applications and are usually designed for 10.6um or 9.4um.

Beam splitters are usually manufactured to be used @ a 45° angle of incidence and polarisation independent but can be customised on request.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Material: ZnSe
  • Coating @ 10.6 um or 9.4um
  • Diameters, thickness, and transmitted/reflected beam ratio available on request
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