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Silicon Photodiodes

Custom, reliable, and highly sensitive silicon sensors and solutions for X-ray, visible and near-infrared detections.

Supplier: OSI Laser Diode Inc.


Technology type: UV and Visible Photodetectors

OSI-OE’s silicon photodiodes are silicon-based semiconductor light sensors that generate photocurrent when its active area is illuminated by light.

 This range includes tailored silicon photodiode solutions for a multitude of high-sensitivity applications. These silicon photodiodes are available as single elements, quadrants, and arrays, and are suitable for soft X-ray to visible and near-infrared.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Silicon and GaAs photodiodes and APD
  • Wavelengths: < 100nm to 1100nm
  • Photodiode filter assembly to gain production efficiency
  • Photodiode amplifier hybrids in one chip
  • Back-thinned photodiodes to detect gamma and X-ray radiations for medical applications
  • Two colour sandwich detectors for wider ranges of wavelengths (hybrid - Si and InGaAs or GaAs)
  • High-speed photodiodes up to 1.25Gbps
  • Photodiode arrays customised with APD or PIN and optimised in wavelengths and size
  • Nd-YAG optimised photodiodes

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer






SiPD series

350 - 1100nm


Custom higher than 100mm²



150 - 1150nm


Up to 100mm²

Back-thinned photodiode

SiXUV series

18keV - 6eV


Up to 100mm²

High perf no scintillator needed

SiAPD series

400 - 1000nm



Avalanche photodiodes

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