Laser safety windows

Laser Safety Windows

A wide range of observation windows for light, medium, or high-power lasers.

Supplier: Laservision

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Technology type: Laser Safety

For enclosures, doors, partitions, cabins around your welding, cutting, drilling, and marking laser, Laservision offers a complete range of glass mineral and plastic laser safety windows.

With Laservision’s in-house production using modern methods, depending on the material (glass, PMMA, or polycarbonate) and application (glass lamination, water jet cutting, CNC milling, or automatic bonding), you can rely on Laservision’s solutions for best-in-class quality for your security.

Customer-specific solutions are available on request.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Mineral glass safety windows
  • Plastic safety windows
  • Frames for windows
  • Active cabin window kit

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer



Main specifications

Wavelength range


Glass mineral windows

CE marking

EN 60825-4

High protection levels

Good VLT

UV, VIS, NIR, and IR


Maximum: 210mm x 297mm

Plastic windows

CE marking

EN 60825-4

PMMA or polycarbonate

3mm or 6mm thickness

UV, VIS, NIR, and IR

200mm x 100mm

297mm x 210mm

450mm x 300mm

600mm x 450mm

Up to 2m x 3m

Frames for windows


Grey colour

Powder-coated sheet steel

 3mm to 13mm thickness

Dependant on the filter

200 x 100mm

297 x 210mm

Active laser safety window kit

CE marking EN 60825-4

Automatic shutdown in case of laser hit

NIR (820-1100nm)

Maximum: 590mm x 895mm

Larervision large active laser safety windows

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