The LabSpion, a full-size, 2-axis goniometer light measuring system ideal for light sources from single LEDs to streetlights.

Supplier: Viso Systems

Technology type: Light Test and Measurement

The LabSpion is the perfect solution for capturing full 3D light distribution and colour spectrum for a wide variety of light sources, from outdoor fixtures to automotive lights and indoor LED panels and strips.

Light sources can be easily attached to the goniometer. The alignment is quick and precise with the use of its built-in laser detector which automatically detects the distance between the goniometer and the sensor. The LabSpion is capable of handling light sources up to 25kg and 1.5m in diameter. The installation is quick and can be set up in as little as less than an hour.

The LabSpion system uses a two-axis goniometer to measure a 360° photometric distribution field. The system moves in a smooth continuous movement collecting results and completes a C-plane in 30 seconds, and collects data from all planes in roughly 15 minutes. It provides a full 3D distribution field of any lamp or luminaire and comprehensive LDT and IES simulation files. The measurement data is automatically saved in the form of 'fixture' files. Data can be exported into PDF, XLS, IES, LDT, and CSV formats quickly and easily straight after a measurement. The Light Inspector software enables you to create custom pdf report templates.

The Viso goniospectrometer has the drivers and power analyser built-in. Just connect via USB to any PC or laptop. The free Viso Light Inspector software can be download from the Viso Systems website. The software is an intuitive interface that shows all measured data and graphics to give you a fast overview.

The Viso system makes the data acquisition time for a light measurement fast. With the built-power analyser and accessories such as Viso LabFlicker and Viso LabTemp, your measurements will include all data in a single file.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 1900 x 1900 x 1625mm
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Measurement method: far field, type C horizontal
  • Spectrometer range VIS (UV-VIS available)  360 - 830nm
  • Sensor distance range: 0.5 - 50m
  • Sensor distance setup: laser range finder
  • C-plane rotation: automatic
  • Light source diameter range: 0 – 1.5 m at 2-axis, (2m with extended C plane tower)
  • Lamp maximum weight: 25kg (45kg reinforced tower)
  • Sensor lux range (equal to candela @ 1 m): 0.20 – 200,000 lux < ±2,5%
  • Sensor candela range (at distance from lamp from 0.1 m to 20 m): 0.05 cd @ 0.5 m to 80,000,000 cd @ 10 m
  • Lumen and candela accuracy:  < ±4%
  • Colour temperature range:  1,000 K - 40,000 K <± 35 K
  • Colour rendering index: up to 100 < ±0,7
  • Resolution, standard – highest 5 degrees/step - 0.1 degrees/step (auto-detect)
  • Number of c-planes: 2 - 144 planes
  • Spectrometer type /detector: Ibsen Photonics FREEDOM / Hamamatsu S11639-01
  • Calibration / re-calibration: fully calibrated plug and play solution / min. every two years
  • Connection: USB
  • Power supply input:  0 to 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power analyser range: 0 - 3 A / 0 - 600 W @230 VAC / 0-300 W @110 VAC.

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer


Accessories Description

System Compatible with


The LabFlicker connects directly to the Viso Light Inspector software as a stand-alone device. The LabFlicker calculates SVM, PstLM, flicker percentage, flicker index, flicker frequency and JA8 flicker data in real-time. When used with other Viso Sytems it amalgamates all photometer in one report

LabSpion, Basespion and Lightspion.


The LabTemp hub allows you to log the temperature via standard temperature probes, allowing up to 3 probes. The LabTemp can be mounted onto all steel surfaces via strong permanent magnets.

LabSpion, Basespion and Lightspion


The LabRail allows easy repositioning of the sensor via motorised rail. The sensor travels securely on a rail up to 16 m long on the optical axis, suspended from the ceiling. Allows users to keep the alignment of the light source on moving the sensor. Owners of LabSpion systems are now able to replace the standard tripod with the rail system upgrade kit.


Labspion Extender

Larger C-Plane tower which allows up to 2-meter light source to be measured.


LabSensor UV-VIS

The LabSensor UV-VIS upgrades the Labspion and Basespion to measure 190nm to 850nm which includes UV-A, UV-B and most the UV-C range.

LabSpion and Basespion

Laptop keyboard


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Light measurement with the LabSpion Goniometer

Viso test - Flicker including new UVA, UVB, UVC.

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