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Wavelength Opto-Electronic is a leading manufacturer of high-quality laser optics and infrared optical products, with a full range of technical services in the field of optical technology. They have advanced capabilities for production, testing and quality control and customisation.

High-quality infrared and laser optics

 Wavelength Opto-Electronic has one of the largest ranges of optical components, including a wide selection of lenses, filters, mirrors, windows, beam expanders.

Whether you need a specialised hardened coating for harsh environments or a highly customised objective for your IR imaging application, we have a solution.

Laser optics

Wavelength Opto-Electronic's F-Theta lenses are designed to reduce the number of optical components needed to provide a flat image plane for scanning applications. These lenses deliver the same resolution and intensity across the image plane.

Galvo scanning mirrors are lightweight rectangular mirrors used for high-speed two-axis laser scanning systems. These mirrors are designed with high reflectivity of 99.5% or above. The dimensions for each mirror are calculated accordingly with the laser beam size.

Wavelength Opto-Electronic's protective window material has high transmittance for light from ultraviolet to the near-infrared range, low scattering, and excellent cost-effectiveness.

Wavelength Opto-Electronic's beam expanders are designed to efficiently and precisely magnify a laser diameter. Their range includes fixed focus, variable zoom, and motorised zoom options.

IR optics

Shortwave infrared lenses (1.5 - 5µm and 0.9 - 2.5µm) are ideal for sensitive applications and when you need finite detail recognition.

Mid-wave infrared lenses (3 - 5µm) provide near-diffraction-limited performance for applications such as spectroscopy or thermal imaging.

Longwave infrared lenses (8 - 14µm) allow users to see through dust or smoke. Typically, uncooled and therefore has less sensitivity.

Athermal lenses can adapt over a wide range of environmental temperatures, which is essential to system performance.

In order to meet the demands of continuous zoom, this range of IR zoom lenses is designed to change the field of view (FoV) without distortion.

The components in these objective lenses are designed for collecting the maximum quantity of light from the source or object to form an image.

Optical systems

Smart laser cutting heads are compact and efficient for lower power fiber laser cutting (< 1,000W). It is widely used for automation and robot 3D cutting.

Equipped with CCD and CCTV lens, these laser welding heads provide you with a real time monitor and inspection of the welding effects.

Laser cleaning is a "green" technique without the use of any chemicals or cleaning fluids. Contactless laser cleaning is also less damaging for the equipment.

Eye-safe mini laser rangefinder modules are used to measure the target distance and can send the distance information to the host computer.

Turn your optical design and drawing into a product in just two weeks

Turn your optical design and drawing into a product in just two weeks

We work in partnership with Wavelength Opto-Electronic to design and manufacture customised IR and laser optics. Together, we have in-depth experience and a wide variety of services to help with the process of designing a customised solution for your exact requirements.

Wavelength Opto-Electronic provides full services for both low and high-volume optics fabrication and coatings customisation, including glass and crystal optics, plano, spherical and aspheric lens, diffractive optical elements, metal coatings (aluminium, copper etc.), specialised coatings (anti-reflection, filters etc.), wavelength-specific coatings (UV to IR), and customisation of standard optics and coatings.

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