Smart-home IoT solutions - Solving the analogue energy challenge with a brand new wireless solution

Streamlining a costly and inefficient process of reading analogue meters, we enabled the implementation of a long-range, low-power solution.

Every home with mains utility provision uses meters to measure consumption. Traditionally these meters were analogue devices, requiring manual meter readings.

To collect independent meter readings, a company official had to visit each property one by one – a costly and inefficient process. We recognised this process could be streamlined and made vastly more efficient if a suitable wireless solution was integrated into the meter. With clear requirements and significant demand from several utility providers, we started investigating a suitable long-range, low-power solution for the application.

However, existing wireless bands were crowded, did not offer the required range or were too costly and power-hungry to be used for this application.

Meeting market demands with a brand new solution

We worked with our partner supplier Skyworks to develop an entirely new wireless solution. A new high-performance front-end module was specified to make use of an old pager bandwidth, which could efficiently transmit and receive the tiny pieces of data from home meters to a central gateway. Mounted into a service vehicle, these gateways could connect to hundreds of modules at a time, allowing for thousands of meter readings to be gathered every day by simply driving through residential areas.

The new front-end module was the first of its kind in the marketplace and exactly met the needs of smart-metering applications. Since its launch, it has enabled multiple European utility companies to make considerable savings in time and resources, whilst providing their customers with a better user experience. The solution has since sparked further development, and we have continued to work with utility operators to deploy meters with additional Bluetooth® capabilities.

This will allow customers to connect to their energy meters using their smartphone or tablet to see their energy consumption in real-time, enabling them to take steps to reduce it, save on their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

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