F-theta lenses

F-Theta Scan Lenses

Ronar-Smith® F-Theta Scan Lenses, designed and crafted for a broad range of laser applications.

Supplier: Wavelength Opto-Electronic

Technology type: F-Theta Lenses and Beam Expanders

F-Theta lenses are commonly used in galvanometer scanning systems for laser marking, engraving, and cutting; with the ability to deliver a focused spot to many points within a scanning field.

For the UV-VIS-NIR range, scan lenses are available both in optical glass or in fused silica. For the CO2 wavelength range, scan lenses are available both for 10.6um and 9.4um. Singlets, doublets and triplets can be designed with ZnSe or GaAs elements.

For all the wavelengths, telecentric or achromatic designs can be evaluated to optimise the laser process.  

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • F-theta lens, optical glass (SL)-
    • Lenses for UV-VIS-NIR applications
    • Lens adaptors for major scan head providers can be provided
  • F-theta lens – fused silica (SL-Q)
    • SL-Q series F-theta lens is developed for ultrafast lasers with short pulse width and high pulse energy laser applications.
    • These lenses are made with low dispersion fused silica with an optical design to avoid back reflection and ghost image
  • Telecentric F-theta lens – optical glass (TSL)
    • Telecentric F-theta lens is designed to deflect the off-axial laser beam to be perpendicularly focused on the workpiece so that the field curvature is flattened to the least distortion and the spot quality throughout the scan field is superb
  • Telecentric F-theta lens – fused silica (TSL- Q)
    • For high powered laser and ultrafast laser sources, TSL-Q series telecentric F-Theta lens minimises thermal lensing and focal shift.
  • F-theta lenses - CO2 Laser 9.4um-10.6um (SL1-SL2-SL3)/TSL/SLA
    • For CO2 laser scanning applications, elements in ZnSe or GaAs are used to design singlets (SL1), doublets (SL2) or triplets (SL3) to achieve a precise spot in the flat field on the image plane reducing distortions
    • SL3 is used for finer CO2 laser applications such as an electronic microprocessor
    • Telecentric and achromatic designs are available also for this wavelength range
    • Lens adaptors for major scan head providers can be provided
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