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Thyro Family (SCR power controller products)

The Thyro Family from Advanced Energy offers SCR power controller products with over 50 years of

Supplier: Advanced Energy

Technology type: SCR Power Controllers

The Thyro Family from Advanced Energy offers SCR power controller products with over 50 years of proven performance. These products, known for their precision and reliability, cater to essential industrial operations like melting, heating, drying, and forming. The series includes the Thyro-S, designed for transformer loads with scalable PLC/PAC integration and DIN-rail mounting. Thyro-A emphasizes space-saving design and power regulation, while the Thyro-A+ provides enhanced integration features and multi-phase options. The Thyro-PX integrates advanced measurement capabilities and mains-load optimization, and the Thyro-PX DC is tailored for B12 and B18 DC systems, with varied cooling choices and easy configuration. 

Advanced Energy's Thyro Family of SCR power controller products have been ensuring high product quality in various applications for over 50 years. Renowned for precision and reliability, the Thyro range is indispensable in industrial processes where material melting, heating, drying, or forming are crucial. 

  • The Thyro-S is specially crafted for transformer loads, offering scalable PLC/PAC integration. This ensures superior thermal process control, allowing connections of up to eight power controllers either to a bus module or the BasicBus Module, supporting various protocols such as Profibus DPV1, CANopen, and more. It's designed for DIN-rail mounting in systems up to 60 A. 
  • The Thyro-A stands out for its compact design, making installation straightforward. It's capable of regulating power with high precision, manages loads efficiently, and offers seamless integration into existing control setups. With the Thyro-A, customization of alerts, status indicators, and set points becomes straightforward. 
  • Thyro-A+ takes PLC/PAC integration up a notch. The design prioritizes security by distinctly separating the control and power units. It caters to diverse needs by offering up to five control methodologies and three operating modes, and can be availed in 1-, 2-, or 3-phase versions. 
  • The Thyro-PX is technologically advanced, featuring a 32-bit micro with a capability of 1.5 M measurements per second at a 15-bit resolution. It's particularly efficient due to its integrated mains-load optimization (dASM) and digital controls. Moreover, its soft-starting mechanism is optimized for operations alongside downstream transformers. 
  • The Thyro-PX DC, operating in a B6C framework, has been meticulously crafted for seamless functionality within B12 and B18 DC systems. While it boasts options for both air and water cooling based on user preference, this SCR power controller product emphasizes user-friendly integration, allowing for effortless configuration across both B12 and B18 setups, meeting the diverse needs of today's industrial applications. 

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • All Thyro models emphasize space efficiency with compact footprints and DIN-rail mounting (for up to 60 A system ratings). 

  • Precision in power regulation, inclusive of load management for optimal control and energy consumption, is a hallmark across the series. 

  • Integration ease into existing control systems is paramount; this includes customizing alerts, statuses, limits, and set points.

  • Multi-phase versions (1-, 2-, or 3-phase) are available, with the 2-phase option designed for a 3-phase load without deploying a neutral conductor. 

  • Many also offer seamless integration to Rockwell Automation® Studio5000® automation software via add-on profiles (AOPs), streamlining setup and commissioning. 

  • Renowned for precision and reliability - perfect for industrial processes.

Additional information:

Distinctive Features:

  • Thyro-S: Tailored for transformer loads, it uniquely features a USB interface for Thyro-Tool software. 

  • Thyro-PX: Stands out with its 32-bit micro, 1.5 M measurements per second capability, 15-bit resolution, and an integrated Thyro-Touch display. 

  • Thyro-PX DC: It's built around a modular stack system suitable for B12 and B18 DC configurations, with cooling options, and the inclusion of Thyro-Tool Pro PC software. 

Shared Benefits:

  • A recurring benefit is the scalable PLC/PAC integration for closed-loop control, with the option to connect multiple power controllers to BasicBus Modules, supporting diverse protocols. 

  • Safety is prioritized by distinctly separating control and power units, and optimizing load control using up to five control methods and three operating modes. 

  • Mains-load optimization is leveraged in several Thyros, some through the optional dASM with the BasicBus Module. 

Unique Benefits:

  • Thyro-S: Specifically offers the ability to reduce peaks and perturbations using the optional Thyro-Power Manager. 

  • Thyro-PX: Integrated soft starting for operations with downstream transformers is a defining advantage. 

  • Thyro-PX DC: It boasts a higher power with minimized DC ripple and constant current and/or voltage regulation with ±1% accuracy. 

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer

Series Name
Frequency (Hz)
Operating Mode
Rated Currents (A)
Rated Voltages (V)
Safety Certifications
Rated Voltages DC (V)
Rated Voltages AC (V)
Rated Currents DC (A)
Thyro-A Series 3
47 to 63
Integrated semiconductor fuse
TAKT, VAR, QTM, and with optional BasicBusModule
Up to 1500 A
Up to 600 V
CE, UL 508 (8 – 350A), Canadian C22.2 No. 14
Precise, digital SCR power controller that supports currents up to 650 A and voltages up to 500 V
48 to 63
Integrated semiconductor fuse
TAKT, VAR, QTM, VT Mode and with optional BasicBusModule
Up to 280 A
Up to 500 V
CE, UL 508 (8 – 350A), Canadian C22.2 No. 14
Thyristor Switch for General Heating Applications, Supports Load Currents Up to 350 A
49 to 63
Integrated semiconductor fuse
TAKT and with optional BasicBusModule
Up to 350 A
Up to 500 V
CE, UL 508 (8 – 350A), Canadian C22.2 No. 14
Advanced SCR Power Controller Supports Load Currents Up to 5000 A and 690 V
50 to 63
Integrated semiconductor fuse
TAKT, VAR, VSC, Soft start, soft down
Up to 5000 A
Up to 690 V
CE, UL 508 (8 – 350A), Canadian C22.2 No. 14
Thyro-PX DC
Enhanced SCR Power Controller for All DC Rectifier Applications
51 to 63
Integrated semiconductor fuse
248 to 752
184 to 550
1000 to 1800
Laptop keyboard


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