Together we are stronger


What is cross-selling?

Cross-selling is a multi-sales approach that drives our business forward towards becoming a solutions-based specialist business.  We have previously worked under a siloed, single SBU approach which is quickly becoming a redundant way of working. So that we can achieve this new, strategic business approach, we need to understand all the requirements of the customer’s application and how or if we can integrate multiple technologies into the end product.

To become a technology-wide solutions specialist, we need to fully exploit the technology and application synergies and raise awareness with our suppliers so they know that we can provide these services.

We hope you will join us in our excitement and embrace this transitional period, and together, we are stronger.



How are we going to achieve this new initiative?

Cross-selling across multiple SBUs will allow us to offer the customer a complete solution. Rather than focussing on just one technology for the customer’s end product, cross-selling will continue the evolution of the business and create many new opportunities for everyone.

To achieve the new business goals, we must understand project end products and market applications by:

  • asking the right questions at the right time to the right contacts from our customers
  • reviewing all of our open design funnel opportunities and recently won opportunities
  • introducing the Acal BFi solution sell / value proposition at the start of all new opportunities



How does the cross-sell strategy affect you?

  • Increased revenue and orders across multiple SBUs
  • Greater customer loyalty to the business
  • Overall cross sell generating 27.3% of total revenue by FY26 creating £6.6m of additional GMV across the 3 years