Delta Open frame

Open Frame power supplies

Open-frame power supplies are a versatile and reliable solution for a range of applications, providing diverse nominal output voltage options and flexible configurations.

Supplier: Delta Electronics

Technology type: PCB AC/DC Power Supplies

These power supplies adhere to major international safety standards, including IEC60950-1/62368-1, ensuring compliance with stringent safety requirements.

One standout product line is the PJB series, distinguished by its innovative built-in Power Boost capability. This feature allows for a remarkable 200% power boost for 10 seconds, providing an extra layer of support during periods of increased power demand. This not only enhances the power supply's resilience but also ensures a stable and robust performance under varying conditions.

For applications requiring a standard industrial footprint, the PJT series is designed to meet these specifications. This series combines reliability and versatility, offering a solution that aligns with the typical requirements of industrial settings. The adherence to industrial standards makes the PJT series a dependable choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

These Open Frame power supplies offer a comprehensive array of features, including various nominal output voltage options, flexible configurations, and adherence to international safety standards. 

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Versatile Nominal Output Voltage Options:
    Offering a variety of nominal output voltage options, providing versatility to accommodate different system requirements. Allowing for seamless integration into a wide range of applications with varying voltage specifications.

  • Configurability Options:
    The Open Frame power supplies come with versatile configuration options, allowing users to tailor the setup to their specific needs. This adaptability ensures that the power supplies can be optimised for different environments and applications, providing a customisable solution for diverse scenarios.

  • Compliance with International Safety Standards:
    Delta's Open Frame power supplies conform to major international safety standards, including IEC60950-1/62368-1. This commitment to safety ensures that the power supplies meet rigorous global standards, providing users with the confidence that their systems adhere to the highest safety protocols.

  • Power Boost Capability:
    The PJB series within the Open Frame product lineup features a built-in Power Boost capability. This innovative feature allows for a substantial 200% power boost for 10 seconds. This extra power support enhances the power supply's ability to handle sudden increases in demand, contributing to system stability and reliability.

  • Standard Industrial Footprint (PJT Series):
    The PJT series is designed with a standard industrial footprint, catering to the specific requirements of industrial applications. This design ensures compatibility with industrial setups, making it easier to integrate these power supplies into existing systems without the need for extensive modifications.

  • Reliable Performance Under Variable Conditions:
    The Open Frame power supplies are engineered to deliver reliable performance under variable conditions. Whether facing fluctuating power demands or operating in diverse environments, these power supplies provide consistent and stable power, contributing to the overall reliability of the systems they power.

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer

AirPrime Modules Region (Carrier) Bands Fallback
2G HL6528 Global EDGE/GSM/GPRS: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 None
3G HL8518 EMEA HSPA:B1,B8 2G
4G HL7692 EMEA LTE: B3,B8, B20 2G
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