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ARINC 429 Avionics Databus

Avionics databus for use on commercial aircraft.

Supplier: Astronics Ballard Technology

Technology type: Avionics

The Aeronautical Radio INC or ARINC standard is a data transfer standard for aircraft avionics. ARINC 429 is mainly used on commercial aircraft. The specification defines a local area network for transfer of digital data between avionics system elements. The databus uses a single twisted and shielded pair over which avionics systems transmit information to up to a maximum of 20 receivers.

We are able to offer products suitable for test & simulation, embedded avionics interfaces, avionics I/O computers and potable USB testers all with ARINC 429 functionality. We offer a range of products including compact USB interfaces, avionics i/o computers, embedded avionics interfaces, databus intefaces cards, databus to network interfaces and avionics interface software all featuring ARINC 429 functionality.

These are a range of innovative, easy-to-use products which reduce integration time and provide high reliability systems for use in commercial, military and government applications.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Embedded avionics interfaces – mPCIe, PC/104, PMC and XMC
  • AB3000: NG series avionics I/O computer
  • UA2000 ARINC 429 pocket sized USB adapter, portable and compatable with USB 2.0 and 3.1
  • Databus interface cards – USB, PCI, PCIe, PXIe and OmniBus II
  • OmniBus databus to network interface – OmniBusBox II – two and four core options – with I/O expansion
  • CoPilot avionics interface software

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer


Portable ARINC 429 with/without ARINC 717

Optional CoPilot s/w, flight test orange case, no enclosure and conformal coating

AB3000/NG1 converter, NG2 controller, NG3 computer

Rugged COTS high density controller/computer and avionics data to and from Ethernet

Lx429-5 PCI/ PCIe, ME1000 mPCIe, Mx5m PMC XMC, PE1000 PCI/104e  

ARINC 429 embedded interface cards for PCI/PCIe, PCI/104e, PMC and XMC

Options: single/multi-function, number of channels, conformal coating and cables

OBB2 OmniBusBox II, OmniBus II PCIe, OmniBus II PXIe

Avionics test and simulation - PCIe and PXIe interface card and complete systems with optional I/O

Option: I/O modules for system, Co-pilot software


Avionics test and simulation Windows based graphical software



Laptop keyboard


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