Astronics PXIe Interface Card

PXIe Avionics Interface Cards

Avionics interface cards designed for use in multi-slot PXIe and CompactPCI Express test systems.

Supplier: Astronics Ballard Technology

Technology type: PXI / PXIe

These high performance PCI Express (PXIe) cards are designed for use in multi-slot PXIe and CompactPCI Express test systems. These systems are able to interface with multiple avionics databuses for testing, validating and simulating commercial and military avionics equipment and systems. Using interchangeable modules, a variety of avionics I/O functionality can be added to the card at the point of ordering. OmniBus II cards can accept a maximum of two modules, and each module has its own circuitry to handle the channels and protocols associated with it.

Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Compatibility with both PXIe and CompactPCI Express (cPCIe) test systems
  • PXI triggers/syncs/clocks
  • Multiple protocols
  • Built-in test: PBIT, IBIT and CBIT BTIDriver application
  • Programming interface (included)
  • Device driver software (included)
  • CoPilot test and analysis software (optional)
  • ActiveX weather radar control (optional)
  • Two core I/O sites
  • Eight bidirectional TTL discrete I/O per core
  • Two user controlled LED indicators per core
  • Three syncs and three triggers per core
  • Standard 3U size (100 x 160mm)
  • 10 MHz/PPS clock synchronisation
  • IRIG A or B, AM, PWM and PPS
  • 64-bit hardware time tag (1ns resolution)

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer

OmniBus II PXIe at a glance

OmniBus II modules used on this card feature the latest 6th generation protocol engines and bus mastering to yield high performance. Power is obtained from the backplane bus—no supplemental power is needed. All cards are standard 3U size and include sixteen TTL level input/output discretes and IRIG time synchronisation/generation. User software can indicate status by controlling the two LEDs.


  • Product development and validation

  • Production testing

  • Simulation of databus and I/O system traffic

  • Data servers

  • Data recorders

  • System analysis and integration testing

  • Performance monitoring and analysis

Available interfaces

  • MIL-STD-1553 - Up to two dual-redundant, single or multi-function channels per module

  • ARINC 429 - Up to 16 Tx/Rx configurable channels per module; advanced ARINC 429 modules are also available with added test features

  • ARINC 717 - Up to 4R/4T channels per module

  • ARINC 708 - Up to 2R/2T channels per module

  • Serial - Up to four serial UARTs per module

  • Avionics discrete I/O - 32 programmable input/output per module

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