Using nanocrystalline cores to mitigate EMI issues in electrical ship propulsion systems

Many ship designers are turning to electric propulsion to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and improve the reliability of vessels.

However, compared with industrial or transportation applications, there are several characteristics unique to ships, and this new generation of power distribution and propulsion systems presents engineers with a complex set of EMC challenges. Even when single components are fully compliant, complete systems can still fail to conform with all ship EMC requirements. For example, systems can fall foul of Lloyd's rules with excessive leakage currents (inclusive capacitive effect), despite all electrical components in the system fulfilling IEC standards.

This paper explores how we solved this issue for one of our customers, with the added challenge of very tight space requirements.

Discover how we analysed the electrical, mechanical, and dimensional requirements, and developed a custom nanocrystalline core solution that met the exact mechanical and thermal requirements of the unique environment.

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Using nanocrystalline cores to mitigate EMI issues in electrical ship propulsion systems

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