Choosing the right power supply for your specialist medical application

The medical market is growing at an incredible rate to support healthcare professionals with the demands of complex medical challenges and limited resources.

Within applications such as critical equipment, laboratory, and general communication devices, it is important that the product or solution that you are looking for is medically compliant, has the specific features required, and has a good price point.

To meet the demands of today’s medical device project, choosing the right power component for these specialised applications is increasingly challenging.

Inside the brochure, you will find our broad portfolio of high-quality and reliable power supplies, suitable for demanding medical environments.

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Power components and solutions for medical applications

Our expertise in providing medical power solutions

Following the increased demand for medical ventilators in 2020, a manufacturer of medical ventilators chose to work with us to source a high volume of power supplies in a short time period. The power supplies needed to be quickly available while also offering overall better performance than the existing power supplies.

We supported the customer’s needs by recommending an SL Power fanless power supply that efficiently delivers power at a low-temperature range, meaning low losses, perfect for the customers demanding application. The delivery requirements of the customer were demanding due to COVID-19, but we were able to halve the delivery time when compared to their existing supplier, ensuring that the customer could produce the high volume of medical ventilators required to support the crisis.

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Find out how we used our expertise and helped design a high-efficiency, uniquely sized, power transformer for medical trolleys.

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Medical-grade power solutions

We offer a specialist portfolio of market-leading standard and custom products and services that are ideal for the needs of demanding medical applications and meet EN 60601-1’s standards. We utilise our expert product knowledge and medical application experience to bring ideas from a concept to production, supporting every step of your journey.

Our low voltage AC/DC power bricks provide design engineers with efficient, flexible, and isolated power conversion modules which can be mounted externally or internally on a PCB.

Our portfolio of DC/DC converters are designed to meet the needs of medical applications such as powering sensors, isolated interfaces, auxiliary power supplies, A/V as well as IT equipment.

For medical applications with high-power requirements, our internal power supplies can easily be mounted within your device. We offer very power-dense supplies in any form factor.

Our range of wall-plug and desktop adaptors are available with universal inputs, a range of output voltages, and certifications for worldwide medical standards.

Our fanless, modular range gives you the flexibility to create your own, user-configurable power supply. These products can be customised to create the exact power supply you need.

For racks with high power requirements, our products can be stacked to provide a powerful option in one rack or on their own, for multiple devices and applications.

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The ability of our engineers to continually deliver leading edge custom power supply solutions to you is propelled by the Power Supply Technology Centre.

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Every device needs power but with a huge variety of features and specifications available it can be difficult to determine the right product for you. With this service, the possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re looking to modify or configure a standard product, integrate it into a custom design, or design and modify a rack, chassis or PCB - we can support with the design, manufacturing, testing and integration of your tailored solution.